Disney’s New Movie ‘Wish’ Makes Its Way to Disney Parks

Disney’s New Movie ‘Wish’ Makes Its Way to Disney Parks
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Disney Animation Studios seems to have done it again as viewers fill seats at theatres across the country to see their newest bit of film magic, Wish.

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The newest addition to Disney’s library brings Chris Pine (King Magnifico), Ariana DeBose (Asha), Alab Tudyk (Valentino), and Even Peters (Simon) to a theatre near you in a well-done movie celebrating Disney’s past, present, and future. 

Despite reports of a “shrinking box office,” Wish hit theatres at the perfect time, Thanksgiving weekend, offering a memorable experience for families who traditionally hit up the movies during their holiday.

Filled to the brim with Disney easter eggs and little nods to other Disney classics, Wish is a fun theatre experience that adds a modern sparkle to old Disney

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Although critic reviews are mixed, with some media outlets calling it a “disaster,” most Disney fans who’ve already experienced the film report a refreshing story that aligns well with what Disney is good at: creating memorable characters accompanied by brain-wrecking soundtracks like Frozen’s (2013) “Let It Go.

As Disney hoped to regain its Thanksgiving box office reign, they’ve marketed Wish beautifully. Everywhere you look, Asha is plastered on billboards, commercials, and merchandise.

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As with any new Disney film, The Walt Disney Company has wasted little expense when it comes to marketing Asha and friends. Everywhere you turn, new characters from the film have been plastered on billboards, commercials, and merchandise.

Asha, the popular lead character from Wish, has already made her way to Disney Parks at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland delighting fans with a new character meet-and-greet.

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Another fun way that Disney is promoting their Thanksgiving box office blast is with a brand-new popcorn bucket at Disneyland. Although the holiday season is well underway, bringing with it plenty of Christmas merchandise, bucket collectors can add the ‘Valentino’ popcorn bucket and a ‘Star’ sipper to their list as they arrive today at Disneyland Resort.

These adorable additions to collectible sippers and popcorn buckets are surely a welcome sight for collector’s at the parks. As popcorn buckets and sippers have become a huge draw for some Disney enthusiats, these are sure to go quickly!

Despite reviews from critics which note that Wish may be another addition to a long line of failures from Disney, Disney fans feel differently, overall enjoying the new film.

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Directed by Chris Buck, Young Asha makes a wish so strong that it’s answered by a mysterious force, a little ball of relentless energy called Star. With Star’s help, Asha must save her home from King Magnifico and prove that when the will of one brave human connects with the magic of the stars, amazing things can happen. LA Times.

Asha’s meet-and-greet time at Walt Disney World and Disneyland, as always, can be viewed on the My Disney Experience app. As for the new Valentino popcorn bucket and Star sipper, best of luck, as Thanksgiving is a very buys day at Disney! Just look for the long line, and you’ll probably be in the right place.

As for Disney’s new film, I feel that it does a good job of reminding viewers that as we grow, we should all hold onto that feeling that if we make a wish, it could come true, and that’s what ultimately makes Disney so magical for all of us. As for me, The Walt Disney Company hit the nail on the head with Wish, bringing exciting new characters, and a fun story, all sewn together with a beautiful soundtrack.

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