Disneyland Will Trade Thousands Of Jobs For Anaheim’s Cooperation

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The past few days have been filled with news from The Walt Disney Company about financial projections, the future of its magical offerings, and what it means for the people involved.

In an Anaheim forum this week, the president of Disneyland Resort Ken Potrock, revealed a few more details about the expansion of the California Disney Park. The 30-year public plan to update Disneyland Resort is called DisneylandForward and could create a massive employment shift.

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Disney Concept Art

Deadline reported on all the ins and outs of Disney’s pitch to Anaheim leaders, but here’s what you really need to know.

What are the Expansion Plans Proposed in DisneylandForward?

The Walt Disney Company cites Tokyo DisneySea as inspiration for possibilities in Disneyland Resort. Though nothing has been officially confirmed, Anaheim could see the construction of Arendelle – the kingdom of the Frozen (2013) sisters.

Disneyland could also feature a Tangled (2010) area where Guests can “board gondolas to the lantern festival” and enjoy a dining experience at the Snuggly Duckling! Disneyland Resort could get its own Neverland with elements inspired by Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, and the Lost Boys.

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Think Zootopia (2016), TRON, and a Toy Story Land! While a Zootopia area is still under construction at Shanghai Disneyland Guests can experience the “mammalian metropolis of Zootopia ‘where anyone can be anything,’ with a new major attraction that will seamlessly blend Disney storytelling and state-of-the-art technology to bring this fan-favorite movie and its characters to life.”

What Does Disney Need From Anaheim to Expand Disneyland Resort?

The Walt Disney Company is mainly looking for flexibility is zoning from leaders in Anaheim. DisneylandForward states the ‘traditional’ district/zone approach does not allow for the diverse, integrated experiences theme park visitors now seek. The tourism market has significantly changed since the Resort’s zoning agreement in 1994 and Disney hopes leaders will recognize the need for change.

Anaheim District zoning 1990s vs today DisneylandForward


How is Anaheim Reacting to DisneylandForward and the Expansion of Disney Property?

First of all, Ken Potrock promises the project will bring thousands of new jobs to the area – over 2,000.

From Deadline:

A Disney-sponsored economic study from Cal State Fullerton estimating that, for every $1 billion Disney invests to update and renovate the resort, over 4,000 jobs and $1.1 billion in economic output would be generated during the 4-year construction period. Thereafter, according to the Los Angeles Times, that investment will generate $253 million annually in economic output, $15 million in tax revenue and 2,292 jobs.

Unlike Walt Disney World’s political struggle with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, California Governor Gavin Newsom tweeted that the DisneylandForward economic projections were “Great news for the city of Anaheim.”

What attractions would you like to see come to Disneyland Resort?

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