Disney World is Better Than Ever and We Can Prove It

Disney world is better than ever
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There has been a lot of grumbling in recent times about Disney World. It seems many fans have forgotten what they love about Disney.  Instead they’ve gotten mired down in the minutiae.  No, we don’t like the reservations and yes, it’s extremely expensive but there’s still so much to love!

Fireworks and projections on Cinderella castle during Happily Ever After show

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One user on Reddit asked guests to weigh in on how Disney World is as good or better than it ever was. The result was a heartwarming thread that reminded us of just what we love about our favorite theme park. Here is what they had to say:


Disney world

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u/ExistentialDreadFrog pointed out that MagicBands have made the parks much better! They first came onto the scene in 2014 and recently were upgraded to MagicBand+. The ability to have everything you need right there on your wrist makes things so convenient.  I dont carry a wallet or purse into the Parks at all anymore because my MagicBand has everything I need.

Mobile Ordering 

Disney world

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This Redditor loves Mobile Order and we completely agree. While many hate how phones have crept their way into Disney Vacations, they have made things much better. It’s nice to be able to skip the lines at lunch time (when everyone is getting hot and hangry) and just grab and go with our food.

No Smoking

Disney world better

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Long gone are the days where second hand smoke filled the air at Disney World. You can’t even light up in a designated smoking area inside the Parks anymore. Designated smoking areas went away in 2019. In order to smoke now, Guests must leave completely which means everyone inside the Park can breathe easy.

Plant-Based Food

Vegan food at Disney world

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In recent years, Disney has made a deeper commitment to offering plant-based options. Not long ago, Disney expanded that commitment to ensure that every dining establishment on property has at least one plant-based option. This is a stark contrast to a decade or more ago when you’d be lucky to find anything vegan-friendly on most menus.

Disney transportation


u/loonardi thinks that transportation is better than ever. We tend to agree. The Skyliner was a game changer and our family rarely stays anywhere that isn’t a Skyliner resort anymore. The busses, monorail, and boats also make getting around the Parks a breeze! While lines can be long for busses at the end of the night, it’s a far cry better than having to spend money on a rental car (or paying to park).

Wait time estimates have improved

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u/Msparryotter enjoys that Disney now lists their wait times. We have to search far back in our memory banks to remember a time before wait time signs at Disney World but we can remember. It was frustrating to not have any idea hw long the line was. Now we can plan our days based on accurate wait estimates and know what rides to jump in line for and what to check back with later.

Improved technology

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There is absolutely no argument that ride technology has improved. Rides like Rise of the Resistance and Flight of Passage are truly ground breaking.  We couldn’t have ever imagined rides like we have today back in the 80’s and 90’s.


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Redditor u/steve65283 is choosing to look on the bright side of life by finding something to be thankful for in with a change that many (including himself) hate. We have to admit he has a point: the Lightning Lane lines do move much faster than the FastPass lines did.

Character meet and greet improvement

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User u/Euchre has read our minds. If you  asked us, character meet and greets are the change we would say has been the best improvement.  Back in the day, you had to follow characters like paparazzi and hopefully grab a photo, if you were lucky. Now characters have a dedicated space where they greet guests. This makes things more organized and fair. Everyone gets a turn.

Four Disney Parks at Beacons of Magic

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There are a lot of things we miss about “the good old days” but we have to admit, these Redditors have some excellent points. Disney World may just be better than ever!

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