Disney Has Reportedly Missed the Mark With This Release…

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Walt Disney World comes out with new merchandise incredibly often, trying to entice each and every Guest to spend their money.

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Typically, there’s nobody more loyal than a Disney fan, especially when it comes to merchandise. As a result, it’s rare that Disney merchandise makes a miss. But in this case, Disney definitely missed a significant opportunity, disappointing fans.

It’s more important now than ever for Walt Disney World and Disneyland merchandise to resonate with what fans want to see. After all, with the rising costs of living, Disney is now competing with everything a Guest needs to spend money on.

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Rent, groceries, gas, and other costs must be met before a Disney fan can freely spend money on a fun souvenir or a fun piece of merchandise. So, for Disney to convince a Guest to spend money on some merchandise, they’ve really got to blow fans out of the water.

Unfortunately, the Walt Disney Company has failed to do so in this case, and Guests are noticing:

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This little Figment ornament plays on the purple dragon’s iconic song, in which he declares that all it takes is a single spark of imagination to make a difference.

However, most Disney fans are unwilling to spend $30 on a thin, ceramic ornament with very little intricate sculpting, especially when Disney has missed the opportunity to create a light-up decoration. As a result, many fans are demanding for change, chanting “#dobetterDisney.”

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What do you think? Would you purchase this Figment ornament?

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