Disney Guest Determined to Find Her “Missed Connection” While Visiting EPCOT

By now, you’ve probably heard of something called a “missed connection.” If not, a missed connection is a personal advertisement people make when they regret feeling too shy to make a move upon feeling that certain spark.

cinderella castle

Credit: Disney

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Missed connection ads have gotten more and more popular in the modern online age. Still, you probably would have never expected to read a missed connections post about an interaction taking place at Walt Disney World Resort.

Although the Walt Disney Company is the king of the ‘happily ever after’ ending, Disney World itself isn’t typically considered a romantic place for single people.

cinderella castle and fireworks

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While couples and families spend lots of time professing their love in Walt Disney World Resort, from proposing in front of the castle in the Magic Kingdom to holding each other tight as the fireworks go off, it’s not exactly the first place singles go to look for love.

But sometimes, love finds you, even when you’re visiting a Disney Park. Especially if this missed connection ad is anything to go by:

Missed Connection In Epcot
by u/thirstypapaya in DisneyWorld

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According to this social media post, one Guest felt she had a connection with another Guest she’d been paired up with during the single rider queue for Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind ride in EPCOT’s World Discovery.

That being said, there have been no updates to the story yet, so we still don’t know what’s happened to the Disney Park’s missed connection!

fantasyland cinderella castle

Credit: Disney

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One of the best things about Walt Disney World is the unexpected memories you make, such as this one. Will this anonymous Guest ever find her theme park missed connection? Only time will tell.

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