PHOTOS: Fan Captures Bird’s Eye View of EPCOT’s Newest Attraction, Showing the Hidden Progress

Between Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and EPCOT, Walt Disney World Resort is truly the Most Magical Place on Earth.

But the real magic of Walt Disney World Resort is the focus on innovation, appreciation, and preservation of the natural world. This can be found throughout the Resort, but mainly in Animal Kingdom and EPCOT.

Living with the Land

Credit: Disney

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EPCOT’s World Nature is home to attractions such as Living With the Land, Awesome Planet, The Seas With Nemo and Friends, and of course, Soarin’ Around the World. Each attraction is designed to entertain and educate Guests about our world’s beauty.

journey of water inspired by moana te fiti

Credit: Disney

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However, EPCOT is also receiving a new attraction, set to open later this year, promoting the life cycle of the essence of life itself: water. Twitter user @bioreconstruct captured some unique aerial views, showing the progress of the Disney Park’s upcoming attraction.

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Journey of Water, Inspired By Moana, is currently still being built by Walt Disney Imagineering. But once this upcoming attraction is finished, it’ll be found in World Nature, where it’ll delight, enchant, and educate Guests.

Journey of Water, Inspired By Moana, will be a self-guided walking tour along an outdoor trail full of interactive fun for all ages. Just like in the fan-favorite film Moana (2016), the water will indeed come to life with a mind of its own.

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Guests will learn about the water cycle as it transforms from water vapor to water and back to water vapor again. After all, all water travels from the sky to the sea and back again in a never-ending, balanced cycle.

The attraction will have different references to Moana, Finding Nemo (2003), and more, giving Guests the fun challenge of noticing each easter egg.

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