Disney Faces Criticism for Bizarre New EPCOT Show

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Debuting in the enchanting setting of the World Celebration Gardens at EPCOT, the new acrobatic show, “Forces of Nature,” has taken center stage to captivate audiences from around the globe.

This performance showcases the incredible skill and artistry of the renowned acrobats as they skillfully blend dance, acrobatics, and theatrical storytelling into a spectacle. The fusion of agility, strength, and grace in each gravity-defying act was meant to leave spectators in awe, creating a truly unforgettable experience for guests of all ages.

However, not all fans fully support this new performance. In fact, the show has garnered a lot of negative attention from fans on social media.

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Is EPCOT’s Acrobats Show a Flop?

The Disney Park show’s thematic elements are meant to resonate with EPCOT’s celebration of nature and the world around us, echoing the theme park’s commitment to environmental conservation and the beauty of the natural world.

With unique costumes representing different earth elements, this show is a stunning representation of EPCOT’s true meaning. This seamless integration of art and environment aimed to elevate the audience’s sensory experience, immersing them in a multi-sensory journey that transcends mere entertainment.

While the show is commended for being incredibly unique by many fans, others do not quite see the vision. Many accounts on X took to the social media platform to raise their qualms with the new attraction.

Many fans believe that the show feels random and out of place with EPCOT.

While the performers are amazing, some feel that the show lacks the overall vision that Disney is known for having. Others disagree, commending Walt Disney World Resort for making a “weird” and bold choice.

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Is This the Future of EPCOT?

The criticism of this show ties back to the larger criticism of EPCOT overall. While this show is original and not tied to an existing IP, many feel that it lacks the creativity and unique perspective that the EPCOT of decades past has excelled at.

With many of Disney’s recent updates and changes, fans have felt less than dazzled. Hopefully, Walt Disney Imagineers can find an in-between that pleases both loyal fans and first-time visitors and keeps EPCOT a prominent tourism destination.

Forces of Nature by AntiGravity will remain open for now, with performances happening Saturdays through Wednesdays at 10:15, 11:15, 12:15, 1:10, 2:10, and 3:10. Disney describes the show, saying:

“Gather around Inspiration Garden to watch acrobats perform incredible displays of strength, grace and agility. Enjoy live shows in World Celebration Saturdays through Wednesdays only.”

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  1. I caught the show yesterday and thought it was awesome. Really hoping it is still there this summer when I come to Disney World again.

  2. This attraction may not be to your liking. If you don’t like it don’t watch it.

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