Disney Sues ‘Star Wars’ Car Wash — Backlash is Swift

Disney sues Star Wars car wash
Credit: Star Wash

Outside the Chilean capital of Santiago, there is a beloved car wash that has a unique theme. Residents can head to Star Wash, where they can see people like Darth Vader, Chewbacca, and even Storm Troopers washing their cars. It was a concept that the owner — Matias Jara — came up with while on a Disney vacation with his family.

Star Wars car wash

Credit: Afternoon Agenda

Sadly, it looks like Disney does not appreciate Jara’s play on words. While many people were celebrating the holidays, Jara was dealing with a lawsuit he received from Lucasfilm. Disney purchased Lucasfilm in 2012.

Jara said that he was in the process of registering Star Wash’s name with the Chilean patent authority when he received a lawsuit from Lucasfilm — which was purchased by Disney in 2012. The owner said that the lawsuit claimed that Star Wash was too closely related to Star Wars, and that people could think they had something to do with another.

Star Wars Car Wash

Credit: Star Wash

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However, Jara said that his customers have never mixed up his car wash with being a place where they can buy Star Wars merchandise.

“They say our name ‘Star Wash’ leads to confusion as someone can come with the intention to buy a movie, a helmet or a figure they sell,” Jara said.

“This is not the case. We have a car wash named ‘Star Wash’ as it’s a stellar wash. 

“We don’t make movies or sell their products or anything like that.”

Disney selling star wars

Credit: LucasFilm

Mr. Jara is fighting back against Disney. He claims that the names are different enough that people won’t be confused. He also says that Lucasfilm’s copyright does not extend to car washes, especially since they don’t sell any merchandise.

And it looks like fans are on the side of the small business owner, with many feeling that Jara had no malice behind his business.

Just what happens when Disney finds out your making too much money from their ‘brand’ these guys are 100% just fans & definitely didnt have any bad intentions at heart.

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Some even made fun of Disney’s recent financial struggles, saying that they are suing because they need the money.

Disney has lost so much money that they need to sue a car wash in Chile. 😂

Another commenter said that Disney does not limit its lawsuits to car washes. They said that Disney will also sue schools that violate copyright.

Yep, in art class in high school our only off limit subjects were something school inappropriate and anything Disney. Our teacher said they won’t hesitate to go after schools or kids for copyright violations. 🤷

The consensus seemed to be that many thought Disney was overstepping. Are they legally in the right? That will most likely be determined by a judge. But just because they might technically be in the right, that does not mean they will receive support. And it does not mean that people thought they did the right thing.

Do you think Disney should be suing Star Wash? Let us know in the comments!

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