Guests Captures Sneak Peak of New Lightshow at EPCOT

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Credit: Disney/ X @magicbandmaniac+

Deep within EPCOT, nestled at the core of innovation and technology, lies CommuniCore Hall. This iconic hub served as the beating heart of the Future World at EPCOT Center. With its futuristic design and groundbreaking exhibits, CommuniCore Hall was a testament to Walt Disney’s vision of a forward-thinking and interactive environment.

communicore. hall concept art

Credit: Disney

Of late, CommuniCore Hall has been undergoing massive renovations, as has much of the same area at EPCOT. Although the World Showcase is a huge draw at the famous Disney Park, new additions to World Celebration neighborhood of EPCOTis are gearing up to be just as popular, with stunning additions already open to the public.

With the new and improved CommuniCore Hall and CommuniCore Plaza set to open this summer, guests to the park at Walt Disney World have high expectations. The World Celebration Gardens, Dreamer’s Point, Journey of Water, and more have already opened, and guests are ready to see what Disney Imagineering has in store for this updated edition of EPCOT.

spaceship earth

Credit: Disney

As guests venture into CommuniCore Hall, they are greeted by a world of possibilities. From interactive displays showcasing the latest technological advancements to hands-on exhibits exploring communication and energy, this space was a playground for both the curious and the tech-savvy.

CommuniCore Hall will also be the home station for many of EPCOT’s festivals and events. The venue, which will be housed in the CommiCore Plaza, will serve as a multi-functional hard-shell location for the International Flower and Garden Festival, the International Festival of the Arts, the International Food and Wine Festival, and the International Festival of the Holidays.

Keeping to the rest of the theming around the parking area where the CommuniCore Plaza is located, the building exterior has also undergone a makeover, one that one particular guest on X, formerly Twitter, caught testing on camera.

Mimicking the style of Spaceship Earth, the building exterior will also feature similar geometrical shapes that light up. X user @magicbandmaniac+ was able to capture light testing from beyond the skrim walls in front of CommuniCore Hall.

The short video and accompanying photos show quick flashes of lights added to the building’s exterior during construction. Much like Spaceship Earth, the shapes and triangles fit the park’s iconic aesthetic nicely.

communicore hall concept art

Credit: Disney

As are many EPCOT fans, we are more than excited for CommuniCore Hall to serve as a meeting point for guests to learn about upcoming attractions, world-class entertainment, and the latest innovations within EPCOT and the broader Walt Disney World Resort while enjoying a central, permanent venue for festivals and live events.

While CommuniCore Hall is evolving into new spaces within EPCOT, its legacy lives on in the spirit of innovation and community that continues to define this beloved theme park. Join us in celebrating the technological marvel that was CommuniCore Hall, a place where the future met imagination and created a world unlike any other, all while ushering in this new era of EPCOT.

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