Disney’s SHOCKING Secret: Cast Members Allowed to Carry GUNS on Park Property

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How was this allowed?

In today’s times, people are more sensitive than ever to the topic of gun control. Our country has been plagued by gun violence, particularly gun violence aimed toward children. Many parents are hesitant to have their children around guns in any capacity.

Part of the reason why Guests love visiting Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort is because of the safety Disney provides. The Walt Disney Company takes the safety of their Guests very seriously, and that is a huge reason why parents trust their children there.

This is why Guests are shocked and horrified to know about the actual guns that Disney has allowed Cast Members to carry, and use, on the property.

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The Disneyland and Walt Disney World Revolvers

Guns around children always seem like a horrendous idea. Disney, however, did not see the problems that this could cause. At Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort, Cast Members working at the Jungle Cruise attraction were given access to nickel-plated Smith & Wesson Model 10 .38 Special revolvers with four-inch barrels. A former Cast Member allowed to handle guns on the property has spoken up about what it was like having a gun on the property.



This Cast member explains that while they worked there, Disney took the safety of the Guns very seriously. They explain that at Disneyland Park, all guns are registered with the Anaheim PD. Disney implemented extensive procedures to keep the Cast Members and Guests safe.

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The guns at Jungle Cruise were intended to be used as a way to send messages. Blanks were fired from the guns to communicate between the Jungle Skippers while on the water. They also used to shoot blanks at the hippo during the Hippo Pool scene.

Eventually, the use of guns was banned from Jungle Cruise in 2001 after it was deemed too dangerous. The possibility of one of these guns being used in a terrorist attack was suddenly a big concern for Disney. The Jungle cruise guns are now just a shocking piece of Disney Park history.

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