Disney Desperately Wants Guests to Get Excited For This Attraction, But Its Execution Was Already Flawed From Day One

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Typically, it’s huge news when a new attraction is on the verge of opening in Walt Disney World. Guests gather online to discuss their excitement and predictions for the experience and begin making plans, eager to see the attraction for themselves.

But even as Cast Member previews begin for this brand new EPCOT attraction, the crowd goes…mild. Guests aren’t clamoring with excitement for this attraction in the same way they were for Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, TRON Lightcycle Run, or even Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure.

Walt Disney Imagineering May Have Missed the Mark With This One…


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Still, Disney continues to push their agenda, promoting this attraction at every chance the company gets with videos such as this sneak peek. But it’s all to no avail, as guests stay primarily uninterested. Unfortunately, this EPCOT attraction was simply flawed from the start.

Journey of Water Inspired by Moana is an upcoming attraction in EPCOT’s World Nature area. Unlike the most popular experiences in any given Disney park, Journey of Water isn’t a ride. Instead, it’s a self-guided, educational walking tour.

This Attraction Was Flawed From the Very Start!

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And we’re not knocking the educational aspect of this experience! This attraction revolves around the water cycle, teaching guests about water’s journey from start to finish. Any native Floridian will tell you how important the water is to Sunshine State locals, making this a relevant and appropriate choice.

Not only that, but a brand new educational attraction is a good sign for Walt Disney World, especially in an area like World Nature. It shows that educational entertainment still has a place in the vacation destination. But the difference between an attraction like Journey of Water Inspired by Moana and an attraction like Soarin’ Around the World is location.

One of these attractions allows guests to sit and rest inside an air-conditioned room, and the other forces guests to walk an entire outdoor trail. In a contest, we know precisely which experience we’re picking.

Will You Be First In Line For This Attraction Once It Finally Opens?

Moana as a Baby

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While Journey of Water boasts playful, interactive water mechanics mimicking the water’s sentient personality in Moana (2016), it’s simply not enough to convince guests to get pumped up for the experience, and we can’t say we’re surprised.

Even in Animal Kingdom, some of the least popular attractions are the self-guided outdoor tours, despite the live animals guests get to observe during these experiences.

Journey of Water Inspired by Moana Art Rendering

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The hard truth is that guests visiting Walt Disney World aren’t interested in walking an outdoor tour in Florida’s unforgiving sunshine.

Of course, this attraction could ramp up more interest with guests once the weather cools down, but until then, visitors will likely remain uninterested, choosing to do something more exciting and more comfortable while visiting the Disney Park.

Journey of Water Inspired by Moana is scheduled to open later this year.

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