Disney No Longer Shiny and Bright: Company’s Failures Could Ruin Favorites

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Disney’s recent missteps in filmmaking have fans protective of their favorite actors who might star in future movies.

For decades, audiences have looked up to and considered The Walt Disney Company the beacon of entertainment. Walt Disney, the founder of the present-day entertainment behemoth, made history because he dared to dream and aim for previously unheard-of heights with cinema techniques and storytelling mechanisms.

Walt Disney

Founder of The Walt Disney Company, Walt Disney / Credit: Disney

The Walt Disney Company’s story began in 1923 when Walt Disney made his way to Los Angeles from Kansas after his previous venture—Laugh-O-Gram Studio—went bankrupt. After this, Walt Disney made his way to the City of Angels, famously with little more than hope.

Here, with his brother Roy O. Disney, he started the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio and then, reportedly, at Roy O. Disney’s suggestion, changed the name to Walt Disney Studio.

Soon after, Walt Disney began working on laying the foundation for his grand legacy and, more importantly, setting in stone the building blocks for one of the biggest entertainment companies in the world. In 1928, Steamboat Willie came to life, and the Mouse House was officially born.

Walt Disney World

The entrance to the Walt Disney World Resort / Credit: Inside the Magic

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Over the years, The Walt Disney Company has seen its fair share of ups and downs. The corporate giant hasn’t gotten to where it is today by accident; it’s taken many astute business decisions and a lot of luck in order to ensure that the company continues the legacy begun in 1923.

One of the most significant names in Disney history to that end is that of current Disney CEO Bob Iger. Mr. Iger was at the helm for 15 years before he took an all-too-brief retirement in 2020 and then was dragged back out in November 2022 to fix the mess that the House of Mouse found itself in at the time.

Disney had been noting multiple box office failures; audiences had become disillusioned with the brand, the stock was tanking, and fan satisfaction was at an all-time low. Were all this not enough, many continuously accused the company of “pandering to woke audiences,” especially when Disney got caught up in the culture and legal war with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

British fantastic four actors disney marvel studios matt smith reed richards mr fantastic marvel comic vanessa kirby joseph quinn johnny storm sag-aftra strike

Marvel is coming out with a new Fantastic Four movie / Credit: Marvel Studios

Disney seems to be on the up and up now. With Mr. Iger having successfully cut operating costs at the company by $7.5 billion and now working on executing a quality-over-quantity strategy with its upcoming movies, be those from Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, or even Disney/Pixar (though it’s especially relevant to Marvel at the moment).

However, at present, it appears Disney hasn’t yet won back audiences’ trust in its ability to assure a quality product of a certain standard.

Recently, actor John Malkovich was trending on X as a topic, and fans heard about the rumor that he had been cast in Disney’s upcoming Fantastic Four franchise, which was then confirmed by Deadline. At present nothing is known about Malkovich’s role.

While in the past, this might have been good news, now, fans are not so certain.

Bob Iger called Extremist

Disney CEO Bob Iger / Credit: Disney

On hearing the news, one fan commented that they weren’t sure it was a positive turn of events for the actor that he was cast in the film.

They wrote online, IDK if it’s positive, don’t want JM to be the face of another Disney failure. Jeremy Irons cast as Alfred was amazing news, until #SuckSnyder released BvS.” 

It appears fans are still not convinced that Mr. Iger will deliver on his promise of quality over quantity, but perhaps this is the very movie that will prove that Disney has once again regained its rightful place as one of the foremost names in entertainment.

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