Disney Characters Who Still Haven’t Finished Christmas Shopping

Once Upon a Christmastime Parade
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Believe it or not, Christmas is REALLY soon. Like, scary soon. It’s especially scary if you haven’t finished all of your shopping yet. Now, we all know that Christmas is about more than just the gifts. But chances are, you still want to get your friends and family something to celebrate the day. We don’t want to throw you under the bus for lack of preparation. But we do want to see how our Disney friends might be doing with the holiday season rush!

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It’s safe to say that Mickey has had his Christmas shopping done since July. He just seems the type. It’s also safe to say that Donald is not doing any of his own shopping. And characters like Belle and Mrs. Incredible had lists and coupons and were very well prepared. But We would imagine that there are certain beloved Disney characters that are just awful at planning and haven’t finished their own Christmas shopping yet. So be like Figment, and step into your imagination with us while we have some Christmas fun!

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This cocky demi-god believes that he is the perfect Christmas gift. So he is utterly shocked and disappointed when Moana informs him that his mere godliness is not enough of a present. Because of this realization, Maui has to scramble a little bit to find some presents. Maybe his bet would be making something out of materials on the island, because the shipping rates to get to ___ have to be insane this time of year!

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Mr. Incredible

Oh, dads. Mr. Incredible is the ultimate dad dad. While Mrs. Incredible has had her gifts figured out for months, her wonderful husband is a bit behind this year. Dash has asked him 15 times what they’re getting Mom this Christmas. Violet already has a million magazine pages dogeared so she can simply shove it to Dad and tell him to get his credit card.

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Jings, crivvens, help ma boab! No, we don’t know exactly what that means, either. But we’re assuming it means something along the lines of: “Oh no! It’s almost Christmas and I haven’t bought anything!” We feel you, Merida. We imagine that Merida has been too busy off on adventures with Angus to even think about Christmas shopping. She’s incredibly tempted to get her mom a wood carving, but thinks it might be too soon….

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The idea of Ralph Christmas shopping scares us a little but we guess it must be done. Even though good old Ralph has the biggest heart around, he’s kind of clueless when it comes to gift giving. He has so many people to shop for! Venellope, Felix, Topper, the guys in the support group, the residents of the apartment, and so many more! He simply doesn’t know when he’ll find the time to get it all done. But he does wonder if maybe that internet place might be a good place to start. Maybe he’ll check that out after work.

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Okay so this isn’t completely Dory’s fault. She simply keeps forgetting that she needs to get Christmas presents. In her mind, Christmas is still far away and every time she thinks about it, she forgets when it is or what she was thinking about. We can’t fault poor Dory for this. We do feel a bit bad for Marlin who probably has to keep reminding her to get going on her list. Alternatively, Dory just KEEPS buying Christmas presents and then forgets that she did so buys even more. We’re picturing a giant stash of forgotten Christmas gifts in random crevices or behind pieces or coral. Marlin probably gets really frustrated, but Nemo lives for it!

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Sisu’s been out of it for a long time. She hasn’t had to buy Christmas presents in like, a million years. She’s wary of putting anything on credit because of what happened last time, so she’s a little lost. Raya said she’d help her but she’ll need to figure out something for Raya herself! Where does a dragon go Christmas shopping? Maybe she’ll do a little deep sea diving and see if anyone has dropped anything cool looking down there!

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Can you imagine Elsa shopping? We really can’t either. We imagine her initial plan was to make all of her gifts with ice, but then quickly realized that wouldn’t exactly work for wrapping and keeping…frozen. So she’s in a bit of a pickle. With her new land, she has quite a few people to get gifts for. She might have to ask Gale to help her out and snoop around town for her. It definitely doesn’t help her case that Anna has had her gifts wrapped since Thanksgiving and has already spilled what she’s getting twice.

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Woody is the surprising one on this list. He’s the only that everyone would assume has his act together. Sometimes it’s the ones you expect the least. Woody has the best of intentions. In fact, he’s been thinking about Christmas for months. The trouble is with all of his friends, he can’t decide what is best for each of them. There are just too many good options! He’s driving himself – and Bo – absolutely crazy with his back and forth. Hopefully our old pal will figure something out soon!

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