Disney Characters We Would Not Want to be Our Secret Santa

So Christmas is right around the corner. This is insane! Do you have all of your shopping done? Dinner prepped? Plans arranged? It’s all a lot. Some people like to do Secret Santa around Christmas time. This fun tradition involves randomly picking one person in the group to anonymously buy gifts for. Then at the end of the season, you all reveal who had who and party!

Most Secret Santa swaps are really fun, nice, and festive. But it also sort of depends on who you get as your Secret Santa… It can be pretty hit or miss. In this article we’re going to have some chaotic Christmas fun and imagine the worst people to get for Secret Santa! Check it out!

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We think Santa Stitch could go a number of ways. If he’s feeling like a good dog, he might be sweet and try to make you something nice. But if he’s in an alien mood, we could imagine Stitch becoming quite naughty. We’re not sure what exactly he’d do, but every gift would be a gamble, which is not the most relaxing way to spend the holidays…


Two words: Hulk. Smash. We love the Hulk, we love Bruce. But man, do they make us nervous. Bruce would probably make an awesome Secret Santa. We’re sure he would be so thoughtful and creative. He would probably even invent something super cool to give as gifts. But Hulk? If he participated at all, he would destroy it. You would most likely end up with something broken to pieces, wrapped miserably in tattered paper.

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Tweedledee and Tweedledum

These mischievous twins would make a very interesting Secret Santa pair. Because of course, they would do the event as a pair. In the Lewis Carroll books, the brothers are described as playful and silly. But in the Disney movie version, they’re more sly and bothersome. We would hate to imagine bad tidings on Christmas, but we’d be afraid that they may try to pull pranks or play tricks on their recipient. At least their gifts would always keep you on your toes!

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We love Pooh. Pooh would be super excited about Secret Santa. The reason we wouldn’t want to have Pooh as ours is that we would immediately know it was him. Pooh would absolutely gift jars of honey. You’d know in a heartbeat who the “secret” Santa was. It kind of takes the fun out of it. Plus, if we know Pooh, that jar of honey would most likely have a few bites taken out of it.

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This may be a little obvious, but we would not want Dory to be our Secret Santa because she would just forget about it. And if she didn’t forget about the Secret Santa in its entirety, she would definitely just repeat gifts every week. We love Dory, and she clearly has the best intentions. But as far as secret anything goes, she’s probably not going to be at the top of any list…

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Hei-Hei is a chicken, so. It’s not looking super good for them. The truth is, it would be a miracle if Hei-Hei managed to stay alive, let alone get a Christmas present to this gift exchange. We do not have a lot of confidence in this chicken. But to be fair, neither did Moana. Either way, at least Hei-Hei can provide entertainment at the reveal party!

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Captain Jack Sparrow

We know what you’re thinking: “I feel like Captain Jack would give really cool gifts!” That may be true…but think about this: where did he get them? Could you really live with yourself knowing that all of your Christmas presents were probably stolen? We love Jack, but there isn’t a totally honest bone in his body. It feels a little wrong to celebrate this holy day with something that was forcibly taken from someone….

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We love Kuzco. You know who also loves Kuzco? Kuzco. He would be a truly horrible Secret Santa because he wouldn’t get you gifts based on what you might like. Instead, he’d buy the gifts he wants. Or maybe even regift things he has gotten in the past and doesn’t want anymore. So you’d definitely get gifts, but they would either not be thoughtful or be hand-me-downs. And he’d probably tax you on them anyway.

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We’ve been over this, haven’t we? Sisu doesn’t quite understand the concept of “buying” things. So we’d be nervous to have her as our Secret Santa. Either she’d get a bunch of great stuff, but we’d find out that she actually stole all of it, and then we’d have to return it, or she would make all of her gifts by hand. Do you think she’s crafty? Certainly, if it involves water, but other than that we would be skeptical.

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Mole from Atlantis is one of the weirdest Disney characters, but we still love him. He would be a HORRIBLE Secret Santa because all of his gifts would be covered in dirt! Or the gifts would be something that can be found in dirt. Either way, your gift is going to be dirty and most likely gross. So we’ll pass on Mole.

Who would you WANT to be your Secret Santa? Let us know in the comments below!

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