Disney CANCELS Performance of Nighttime Spectacular

Mickey Mouse stands on stage wearing a sparkly outfit, with arms outstretched. Vibrant colored lights and fountains are in the foreground, creating a magical ambiance reminiscent of Fantasmic at Walt Disney World.
Credit: Disney

Guests of Walt Disney World Resort had an interesting day yesterday. The massive crowds, ride breakdowns, and smoke-filled air combined were enough to take some of the magic away from Guests. Those visiting Hollywood Studios were met with a particularly disappointing day, especially when it reached nighttime at the Disney Park.

Fans Furious Over Cancelation

After a long day of wandering through the Parks, many fans look forward to relaxing and watching a nighttime spectacular at the end of their day. This is especially true when the rest of your Park day has been met with long lines and frustrating ride breakdowns. Each Park’s unique evening show is a huge draw to spend the whole day at a certain Park, and for many it is the highlight of their day.

Last night, the crowds at Hollywood Studios gathered on Sunset Boulevard to watch the 8:00 pm showing of Fantasmic!. Some fans of the show wait for an hour or more the secure the best seating for the performance. Certain fans even pay big bucks for the Fantasmic Dining Package to ensure they can see the show from a prime viewing area. When people are paying money and missing out on valuable Park time to secure a good viewing point, they typically expect to see the nighttime show…right?


Credit: Disney

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Disney Makes Last Minute Announcement

Unfortunaly, last night that assumption was wrong for this Disney theme Park. Just 30 minutes before the showtime, Guests of Disney’s Hollywood Studios Park revived a push notification in their Disney app. The notification read:

‚ÄúImportant Entertainment Update We would like to apologize that the 8:00 PM presentation of ‚ÄėFantasmic!‚Äô has been cancelled. We apologize for the inconvenience.‚ÄĚ

Fans were frustrated with the how last minute the cancellation was, and they were disturbed that Walt Disney World did not offer any explanation. Guests took to Twitter to air out their grievences. One user Tweeted:

Another Twitter user shared their thoughts, agreeing that the Fantasmic! cancellation was just one of the disappointing things to happen in the Parks this week.

It is clear that Walt Disney World Resort had a rough weekend and underperformed in the eyes of many Guests. Even the most loyal Disney fans felt let down by the events of this weekend. We all hope that Disney’s Hollywood Studios Park and the rest of Walt Disney World Resort can get back on their feet and regain control in the four theme parks.




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