Smoke and Ashes Swarm Magic Kingdom and EPCOT

Smoke at WDW
Credit: Scott Gustin on Twitter

Fans visiting the Walt Disney World Resort today were met with an unpleasant surprise. During the day, a smokey haze filled the Parks, with Guests even reporting ashes falling in Magic Kingdom and EPCOT.

controlled burn

Credit: Sumpter Sun Times

Smokey Haze Fills Walt Disney World

Usually when Guests are heading to the Disney Theme Parks, they are hoping for no rain. Today, Guests were surprised to see that instead of rain, smoke was on the forecast for today. Guests who planned to soak up the Magic of Walt Disney World were instead sucking in the thick smokey haze that filled the parks.

Firsts thing first, there is no need to be concerned for the safety of the Parks and the surrounding area. The smoke is coming from Southern Sumter County. There, the Green Swamp Wilderness Preserve is undergoing a massive controlled burn. The ecological burn covers 1800 acre’s and is sending smoke over 40 miles away to Orlando.

fire radar

Credit: Scott Gustin on Twitter

The smoke has clearly made quite an effect on the Parks. A visible layer of smoke was seen throughout all of the Parks today. Many Guests reported ashes falling in Magic Kingdom and EPCOT. Visitors over at Universal Studios Orlando also reported ashes snowing down.

Guests Feel Sick From Smoke Inhilation

Twitter user Scott Gustin took to the platform to explain the current situation. Fans retweeted his message sharing their personal experiences. One Guest expressed her experience in the Park today.

The Southwest Florida Water Management District has prescribed the fire. The goal of the controlled burn is to prevent a larger, more dangerous fire from happening in the future. Unfortunally, the precribed fire is set to continue until March. Guests of Disney hope that the smoke will clear soon, but there is no guarantee that that will happen. The Walt Disney Company has made no statement on the smoke or ashes from the controlled burns.



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