Disney Partners With an “MLM” for a BIZARRE New Interactive Experience in Magic Kingdom Park

Smellephants on Parade
Credit: Disney and Canva

It’s not every day that Disney announces a new interactive experience coming to the Parks, especially one as unique as this. Disney has just announced a brand new offering that will be coming to the Parks that has left many fans excited, but also many feeling confused as to why exactly Disney thinks this is a good idea.

Is This the Weirdest Collaboration Ever?

In the past, Disney has worked hand in hand with numerous sponsors to add unique offerings to the Park. It has just been announced that Disney will be collaborating with the brand Scentsy on an all-new Park adventure. Scentsy is a fragrance company that sells unique wax warmers and melts. The brand has become popular amongst Disney fans due to their recent collaboration on a Haunted Mansion-themed line but also has plenty of people who strongly dislike the company.

guests riding dumbo

Credit: Disney

Now, Scentsy and Disney are teaming up for something completely different. It has just been announced that Disney is bringing the “Smellephants on Parade” to Magic Kingdom Park in Walt Disney World. This new addition is described as a “search and sniff adventure” that will be located in the Storybook Circus area of the Park.

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Smellephants on Parade

Credit: Disney

Fans React to New Announcement

When this news was first announced, many fans thought that it might be a prank. An interactive smelling experience is definitely one of Disney’s more unique additions, and some just don’t understand the logic behind this. Much of the controversy has to do with the fact that many consider Scentsy an “MLM,” meaning a multi-level marketing company. These types of businesses are heavily criticized for using predatory tactics to steal money from their employees.

Others just do not understand why Guests would want to “scratch and sniff” an area of the Park that is themed after a circus. As of now, no opening date has been revealed.

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