Disney Announces REPLACEMENT for ‘Fantasmic!’: New Entertainment Arrives After Fire Incident

Fantasmic! replaced
Credit: Disney and Canva

Disney is finally moving on…

Earlier this year, something happened at Disneyland Resort that will forever live on as a tragic moment in Disney Park history. “Fantasmic!” is an iconic show that has been playing at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort for years. The show featured dozens of iconic Disney characters, lights, pyrotechnics, and music that dazzled fans beyond belief.

One of the show’s featured elements is the giant Fantasmic! Maleficent dragon. On April 22. 2023, a mishap during the performance at Disneyland Resort resulted in the dragon catching flames in front of Guest’s very eyes.

Fantasmic Fire

Credit: Disney and Canva

Fire Tragically Destroys Fantasmic!

The Maleficent dragon, which was a massive animatronic creature, came to life during the performance, but instead of dazzling the audience with its grandeur, it burst into flames. The fire quickly spread, causing panic among Guests and staff. Thankfully, the Anaheim Fire Department was able to put out the flames, but not before it had completely destroyed the dragon. It was a surreal scene, watching one of Disneyland’s beloved attractions engulfed in flames. Thankfully, no injuries were reported among the Guests or Disneyland Cast Members.

Soon after the incident, Disney announced that performances of Fantasmic would not be happening through at least Labor Day. The statement says;

Fatasmic! Replacement ANNOUNCED!

For months, fans have been eager to know what would be officially replacing Fantasmic. Now, Disneyland has announced that the Jambalaya Jazz Band featuring Queenie will begin performing nightly shows on a barge down the Rivers of America. The performances will begin on July 21 and will take place at 7:35 p.m.

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There has been no closing date for this show, but it can be presumed that it will take the place of Fantasmic! until it returns. As of now, Disney has not released any status update on Fantasmic. The show is still happening at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida, so fans feel confident they will be able to bring it back safely soon.

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