A Shocking Revelation: Guests Rejoice the Closure of Fantasmic!

Fantasmic Fire
Credit: Disney and Canva

It was a day that will forever be a significant part of Disneyland history.

Fantasmic! is a mesmerizing show that has captivated audiences since its debut in 1992 at Disneyland Park in California. With its impressive blend of water, fireworks, special effects, live performers, and pyrotechnics, it has become a must-see for visitors of all ages at both Disneyland Park and Disneys Hollywood Studios. 

On April 22, 2023, a shocking occurrence took place in Disneyland Resort. During the evening performance of Fantasmic!, a malfunction took place that resulted in the production’s Maleficent dragon catching on fire. Videos of the event immediately went viral on the internet. Not only was the scene very traumatizing for young children to see, but it was also shocking to know that something like this could happen at Disney.

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Fantasmic Disneyland

Credit: Disney

The Disneyland Fire and Its Aftermath

In today’s digital age, videos of the Fantasmic! Disney Park fire was able to spread faster than ever. It was impossible to miss all of the footage showing the crowds looking on as the beloved dragon was engulfed in flames. The Meleficent Dragon, who was lovingly nicknamed Murphy, was not salvageable. Guests mourned the loss of Murphy, even going as far as to hold a memorial.

Not long after the fire, Disneyland Resort announced that Fantasmic! would be taking a lengthy break to sort out some technical issues. While many fans were devastated by this news, it now seems that not everyone feels upset.

splashmountain disneyland fire

Credit: Disney and @LeviathanPop

Guest Are “Glad It’s Gone”

In a post to the r/Disneyland Reddit community, one Guest proclaimed;

“Anyone else selfishly happy Fantasmic is down?

Yes I know it’s an amazing show and a bummer for those who don’t get to experience it frequently.

However, I love that for time time period the area around the rivers of America is nice and peaceful between 6-11pm. Usually it’s just a logistical nightmare and there is nowhere to sit and enjoy the sights of the area. I’m not dealing with families blocking every table at the side door, or hugging the rails along pirates.

Anyone else selfishly feel this way?”

Anyone else selfishly happy Fantasmic is down?
by u/SuperJezus in Disneyland

While many Guests were disturbed by this message, others agreed that they were enjoying Fantasmic’s absence. Guests feel that the Park is calmer and more civilized now that the nighttime spectacular is gone. User @mrkeith562 says;

“I’m glad it’s not on and hope it doesn’t return. Expecting guests to wait on the concrete for hours is bad show. Ruins that whole area of the park for hours.”

User @thesailingboss says;

“Yes, I just thought yesterday how lucky I feel that it burned down. I love night rides on the Mark Twain.”

While these comments might seem drastic to some, there is clearly an audience of Guests who do not wish to see Fantasmic! return to Disneyland Resort. What do you think?

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