Disney Celebrates Milestone Birth at Florida Theme Park

Disney Animal Kingdom elephant
Credit: Disney

In a scene reminiscent of Disney’s classic Dumbo (1941), the stork has paid a special visit to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, delivering a precious bundle of joy in the form of the park’s eighth African elephant calf.

baby Corra Disney

Credit: Disney

Baby Elephant Born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Meet Corra, a delightful 218-pound newcomer who’s stealing hearts backstage while bonding with her mother, Nadirah. This adorable arrival brings trumpets of joy, marking the first calf born to the theme park since 2016.

Corra’s birth is not just another addition to the herd; it’s a playful nod to the legacy of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Her mother, Nadirah, was born at the park in 2005. This makes Corra the first second-generation calf to grace the Disney elephant family.

elephants Animal Kingdom

Credit: Disney

Disney Animal Kingdom Elephants

Disney announced the birth on its official blog, detailing the next exciting steps the calf will take. Nadirah’s first-time motherhood will be supervised by her sister Luna, who will take on the role of the wise elder, guiding her through the nuances of parenting.

The theme park also mentioned that Corra would eventually join the extended family, meeting her grandma, Donna, and her other aunt, Stella, ensuring the circle of family bonds remains unbroken.

Behind this milestone delivery lies nearly 22 months of careful planning and expert care, and Disney has stressed that its endangered animal breeding program is done responsibly. The Association of Zoos and Aquariums Species Survival Plan guides the park’s efforts in ensuring the well-being of its animals.

Nadirah Animal Kingdom

Credit: Disney

Animal Kingdom’s Breeding Program

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is known for its commitment to wildlife conservation and education. The park is home to various animals, and many of them participate in breeding programs that aim to contribute to the conservation of endangered species.

Animal births at the park are often celebrated, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom has been successful in breeding several species over the years. The park’s Kilimanjaro Safaris attraction allows guests to embark on a safari-style ride to see these animals in naturalistic habitats.

Like Dumbo’s delivery by the stork, Corra’s entrance adds a touch of magic to the park’s commitment to educating visitors about the challenges faced by elephants in the wild and the importance of preserving their habitats.

So, buckle up for more heartwarming moments as Corra takes center stage, starring in her own Disney-worthy adventure. Here’s hoping you can eventually glimpse the newest of the Disney Animal Kingdom elephants on your next vacation!

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