Popular Attraction In Disney’s Animal Kingdom Has Officially Closed

Last month, we reported on an Animal Kingdom closure that would be taking place this summer. Now, the closure has finally occurred, leaving plenty of kids visiting Walt Disney World disappointed.

animal kingdom entrance

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Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom is a great place for the animal lovers! This Disney Park promotes the preservation and appreciation of animals and nature, as well as fictional animals, and the education of extinct animals.

However, this appreciation for extinct dinosaurs is actually endangered…

DINOSAUR at Disney's Animal Kingdom

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During a D23 Expo event, it was recently announced that Animal Kingdom’s DinoLand U.S.A. is on the chopping block and that the area will be replaced with something newer.

While we don’t know precisely what will replace the area just yet, but we do know one thing: Animal Kingdom’s DinoLand U.S.A. is doomed.

Which is why it comes as a surprise to hear that one of its remaining attractions has just closed for refurbishment.

Credit: Disney

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DinoLand U.S.A. is only home to a few remaining attractions, with the most notable being DINOSAUR, TriceraTop Spin, and the Boneyard.

While DINOSAUR and TriceraTop Spin are rides, the Boneyard is actually a playground for kids.

Dinoland USA

Credit: Disney

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The Boneyard is a great place for kids to blow off some steam, giving the parents a chance to take a break during the Disney day.

Although the Boneyard isn’t scheduled to close permanently and will reopen sometime in mid-June (according to Walt Disney World’s official website), it’s still a bummer to hear that this huge playground will be closed for a bulk of the summer!

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