DISGUSTING Mold Infestation at Disney Hotel Makes Family Seriously Ill

Disney mold
Credit: Jill Bivins, istock

Mold has become a major problem for Walt Disney World. It’s presence isn’t surprising, after all, mold flourishes in warm, damp environments. The part that’s surprising is that Disney refuses to do anything about it. Mold has always been a problem but in the past, Disney has combated it quickly. We’ve seen an alarming number of reports in recent months which suggests they are no longer treating the problem seriously.

Mold Tape Monorail Sign

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One woman reports that she and her mother got very sick while staying at Disney’s Pop Century recently. The woman, u/jayceevail said, “When we checked in she immediately knew something was wrong and complained about a musty smell in our room.” Then went on to say that the smell got worse every night. They called the front desk to report the smell but initially nothing was done about it.

Pop Century

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Then they got sick. “My mom got sick very quickly, she felt terrible and had shortness of breathe,” the Redditor said. They didn’t connect the illness to the odor in the room at first, they thought perhaps her mother’s asthma was flaring up, “Until I got sick. It was so bad I didn’t wake up until 1pm and felt like I couldn’t breathe,” u/jayceevail said.

When they were both suffering the same disturbing symptoms, they knew that something was wrong with the room her mother called the front desk and informed them that they were ill and stressed the need for someone to come take a look at the room. Housekeeping was sent to inspect and that’s when the problem was uncovered. “She found the fridge had been leaking and the entire wall behind the fridge was covered in mold.”

The Redditor explains that this time they were moved to another room but the damage had been done. Neither of them were well the rest of the trip. U/jayceevail said that Pop Century management told them when they returned home, they would receive a phone call from a Disney representative to discuss the matter further. A call was scheduled but never took place. The Redditor says that after they checked out, they’ve been unable to get anyone from Disney to discuss the matter with them.

While it would be nice to write this off as a “one-off” experience, because no organization is perfect, it seems to be the rule rather than the exception. Mold has been spotted on Space Mountain, on the Monorail, on Disney signage and is reportedly the reason the Voyage of the Little Mermaid stage show closed (credible sources stated the show building has become overrun with dangerous mold). “Safety” and “Show” are two of the Five Keys Cast Members must follow, to guide decision making and behavior. This means that Cast Members must put safety above all else and prioritize a good show (presentation) at all times. Toxic mold being allowed to fester and makes guests sick is neither safe nor good show.


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