Have Black Mold Infestations Become a MAJOR Problem for Walt Disney World?

Black mold walt disney world
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The Park is not looking its best.

Walt Disney World Resort is known for being the most magical place on Earth, but recent reports have revealed a concerning issue: black mold at the beloved theme Park. This revelation took aback visitors and Disney fans everywhere, and concerns about the safety and cleanliness of the Park have started to arise.

WDW castle

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Disney Cleanliness Takes a Dip

Usually, Walt Disney World is celebrated for its exceptional standards of cleanliness and Guest satisfaction. Walt Disney himself believed that cleanliness was one of the things that separated Disney from its competitors, and when you walk through the Parks, usually it is impeccably well maintained. This is why Guests are shocked to see some of the buildings deteriorate in this way.

Any place that is hot and humid is not immune to mold growth; these conditions provide the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew to thrive. Orlando, Florida, has this climate, making it easy for several attractions and buildings to fall victum to the insidious growth of black mold. The presence of black mold is particularly alarming as it can cause severe health issues, especially in individuals with respiratory problems and weakened immune systems.

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Pictures Show the Reality of Disney’s Situation

Numerous times this year, there have been reports of mold showing up in different areas of Walt Disney World Resort. Just a month ago, Guests were disgusted by this mold growing in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Now, Twitter user @bioreconstruct has posted photos showing what appears to be black mold in the back of the attraction ‘The Seas With Nemo & Friends.’

Black mold WDW

Credit: @bioreconstruct

It seems that this may be a way bigger issue than original thought.

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