8 Pros & Cons for the Pop Century Resort at Walt Disney World

Disney’s Pop Century is one of the value resorts on Walt Disney World property. Located on Hourglass Lake, this resort allows guests to travel back in time. Guests are able to experience pop culture from the 1950s to 1990s at this resort. Here are our 8 pros and cons of staying at Disney’s Pop Century.

1. Con: Value Resort

Our first con is that Pop Century is a value resort and for some guests this can be a negative. Disney’s value resorts do not have pools with slides or sit-down restaurants. These can be deal breakers from some travelers. Value resorts are also bigger bringing in more guests which can lead to bigger crowds at the pools and the food courts. Finally, value resort rooms are basic standard sized rooms. This means that there isn’t a lot of extra space for guests to spread out during their stay. For some guests that want more of a home feel, a value room at Pop Century would not be ideal.

2. Pro: Value Resort

In the same sense that being a value resort is a con, we believe that it is a huge pro as well.  Pop Century being a value resort allows it to be on the cheaper end of accommodations on Disney property; however, being cheaper doesn’t mean bad or less. As a value resort Pop Century has a lot to offer from food, rooms, entertainment and service.  We will go into more detail on each of these pros of Pop Century.

3. Pro: Location

One of the great advantages of Pop Century is its location. It is located near all four theme parks making transportation quick and easy to each of them. Being across Hourglass Lake from Disney’s Art of Animation is also a huge pro. This allows guests easy access to additional food options at Landscape of Flavors. Pop Century’s location on Disney property is a definite pro.


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4. Pro: Food

Pop Century has a great food court for guests at Everything Pop. Here guests can take advantage of delicious options all day long. From pizza and burgers to rotisserie chicken and meatloaf, guests will be sure to find a fantastic selection here. Don’t forget the famous tie-dye cheesecake in Everything Pop as well.

5. Pro: Newly Update Rooms

Recently Pop Century went through a major room refurbishment.  Rooms had carpets removed and a beautiful wooden floor installed.  Beds were raised allowing more storage for guests which is always welcomed.  One bed has also been converted into a Murphy bed that doubles as a table when not in use.  This is a huge pro in our books as it gives more space and function to the room for guests.  These newly updated beds are also queens which is a big pro when it comes to resort stays for many.  Along with these changes, guests will find more storage overall in the room, excellent USB stations, as well as an updated, fresh look.  Overall the newly updated rooms are a huge pro for Pop Century.

6. Pro: Skyliner

Disney’s Skyliner is open! Pop Century is one of the resorts with access to this gondola-style transportation system.  We believe that this is a major pro when it comes to staying at Pop Century.  Having Skyliner transportation makes travel to and from Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Epcot even easier than before.  Being one of the guests that gets to use this system is a fun and unique experience.

7. Pros: Theming

We absolutely love the fun, nostalgic theming throughout Pop Century.  It is fun to walk around the resort and see all the larger than life icons.  From huge Mr. and Mrs. Potato Heads to Roger Rabbit, guests can spend time reliving favorites from their youth.  Another great part of the theme in Pop Century is in the different memorabilia throughout the lobby of the resort.  Take time to explore these memorable flashes to the past.  We get that this theming isn’t for every guest, but we sure do enjoy the fun, bright and happy feel it gives.

8. Pros: Activities

Pop Century offers a variety of different activities for guests throughout the day.  There are three different pool options that guests can take advantage of while staying here.  During the afternoons, guests will find entertainment provided at the main Hippy Dippy Pool.  Also, little ones might want to burn off some energy at the playground.  There are two small water play areas one at the Hippy Dippy Pool and another called Goofy Pop Jet Playground.  For grown-ups, Pop Century offers a great running trail up and around Hourglass Lake.  Take a stroll to see Art of Animation as well.  All of the fun activities offered at Pop Century is a definite pro for us.

Disney’s Pop Century has a lot to offer guests looking for a value priced stay.  With so much to do and see, Disney’s Pop Century is a definite pro in our books.

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