Dining for $50 a Day at Disney Springs


Are you planning a Disney Springs day during your next Disney vacation? Skipping the cost of a park ticket, sleeping in and enjoying all Walt Disney World has to offer outside the Parks is a great idea. A day at Disney Springs means you have some fantastic dining options at your fingertips. Lucky for you, we can easily do Disney Springs on a budget, In fact, we dine for $50 a day at Disney Springs!


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Making a plan for Disney dining is a great way to reign in your budget while still enjoying some delicious and unique eats and drinks. You can have a great Disney experience on a budget. This Disney dining article series is inspired by the 2002 television show $40 A Day. In this series, early-Food Network Rachael Ray traveled the world, with the goal of budgeting her dining dollars and enjoying delicious meals. Like the show title suggests, Ray went on gastronomic tours of cities with $40 a day allocated for dining.  Viewers enjoyed watching Ray plan her meals, stick to the budget, and of course, enjoy delicious dishes that reflect the culture of the city she was visiting.


Disney vacations are full of packed days, early mornings, and late nights. If you’ve spent days in Orlando waking up at dawn for Park rope drop, you are likely ready for a break. Take advantage of your Disney Springs day by sleeping in and starting your morning later.

Unglamorous as it may seem, skipping breakfast at your Resort quick-service dining venue is a great way to jump-start your day and guard your budget. Instead of spending $12 on breakfast and even more on a coffee, sip the Joffrey’s coffee in your room and eat a small bite like a granola bar or fruit that you can pick up at a local grocery store at the start of your trip.

Supplementing your meals and snacks on vacation with fruit and easy-to-eat non-perishable items adds up to quite a bit of savings. We all have those meals or snacks that we just don’t love. For me, breakfast is not a big deal.

Morning Snack: Classic Poutine

The Daily Poutine, Town Center


Credit: Disney

Narrowing down a day of eats at Disney Springs is tough. There are so many delicious options, I struggle choosing meals at Disney Springs even more than in some Disney Parks. Still, a morning snack that will hold you over until lunch and deliver on savory, cheesy, and delicious cravings are in order. That’s right; I’m talking about poutine.

Located in the Town Center area of Disney Springs, you’ll find The Daily Poutine. Surrounded by plenty of seating, this stand serves up classic poutine and a few different iterations on the dish. A Canadian dish, poutine generally consists of french fries covered in a savory brown gravy and cheese curds. We suggest you nosh on the classic Canadian poutine for $9.49. This savory bite is a perfect mid-morning snack.

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Lunch: White-Top Pizza

Blaze Fast-Fire’s Pizza, Town Center


Credit: Disney

Classic food can be super delicious fast when it’s fresh. Blaze Fast-Fire’s Pizza is a perfect example of fresh ingredients being well-executed to serve up delicious quick-service pizza at Disney Springs. This pizzeria offers fully customizable 11″ pizza pies where you can choose an assortment of meats, veggies, cheese, sauces and finishes all to your liking. Gluten-free crust is even available.

My go-to order here is hands-down the white top pizza. At only $10.45, this 11″ pizza has a white cream sauce topped with melty mozzarella, crispy bacon, rich garlic, oregano, and arugula. I love the mild and cheesy finish of this pizza. If you’re looking to build something totally unique, you can snag a build your own pizza, also priced at $10.45.

As with many pizza shops, salads, dough knots, and desserts are available for purchase. We will stick to the 11″ pizza and sip on our water bottle to save money and stay hydrated.

Afternoon Snack: Original Chocolate Chip Cookie

Gideon’s Bakehouse, The Landing

Original Chocolate Chip Cookie

Credit: Disney

We went with savory for a morning snack so that means we are due for something sweet. Stop by Gideon’s Bakehouse at The Landing to enjoy a one-of-a-kind cookie. These nearly half-pound cookies are incredibly rich, made from scratch, and take around 24 hours to create. Just visiting Gideon’s Bakehouse is an experience.

The gothic design of the shop and the characters that decorate the walls tell unique stories. As far as the menu goes, we recommend the original chocolate chip cookie. At only $6.00, the original chocolate chip cookie is massive, packed with chocolate, and topped with sea salt flakes.

The unique texture and award-winning flavor make this one of our favorite desserts at Walt Disney World. Even better, you can grab it to go and pop down on a bench to people-watch while you snack and take a break from shopping.

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Dinner: Taco Cone and Margarita Bar

4 Rivers Cantina Barbacoa Food Truck – West Side


Credit: Disney

Aren’t food trucks so adorable? Visit 4 Rivers Cantina Barbacoa Food Truck on The West Side of Disney Springs to purchase your dinner. This Mexican-inspired food truck uses barbecue-style techniques to prepare its food and serve up some fresh and delicious options that leave Guests wishing they could try the whole menu.

For dinner, snag a taco cone for $11.99. Fill the taco cone with your choice of toppings like guacamole, queso, jalapeño, lime, and other toppings. This entrée is as Instagramable as it is delicious. The meat preparation is inspired by the Florida-based signature restaurant, 4 Rivers Smokehouse, meaning the meat will be of top-notch quality and taste.

Because we are under budget, we even have money for dessert! You don’t want to skip the margarita bar. No, not that kind of margarita bar. We mean a margarita dessert bar. At only $6.49, this dessert bar is composed of lime mousse, a graham cracker crust, and white chocolate with flaky salt on top. Talk about a sweet ending to an awesome day!


Credit: Food Network

We met our goal of sticking to a $50-a-day dining budget at Disney Springs.

Morning Snack – Classic Poutine – $9.49

Lunch – White Top Pizza – $10.45

Afternoon Snack – Original Chocolate Chip Cookie – $6.00

Dinner – Taco Cone and Margarita Bar – $18.48

Total: $44.42

We came in right under our budget at $44.42 total for lunch, dinner, and dessert, and two snacks during a day in Disney Springs. Budget dining on a Disney vacation is not at all shabby. We proved you can do dining at Walt Disney World Resort for under $50 a day! Don’t miss our other articles outlining $50 a day budget plans for Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, EPCOT, and Animal Kingdom.

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