Devastating Bus Crash in Canada Leaves Disney Star’s Crew Hospitalized

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Dangerous driving conditions caused a devastating bus crash in Canada that left 13 members of one Disney star’s crew seriously injured and hospitalized.

The crew of best-selling singer, songwriter, and country music star Shania Twain was involved in a bus crash on Wednesday in southeast Saskatchewan, Canada. The crew was traveling between show dates as part of Twain’s “Queen of Me” Tour, which began on April 28 in Spokane, Washington.

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In a statement to People magazine, Ms. Twain’s management company explained the events that led to the crash of one of the singer’s tour buses and multiple crew members.

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“One crew bus and one truck from the Shania Twain–Queen Of Me tour were involved in a highway accident driving between Winnipeg and Saskatoon,” the management company, Maverick Management, said in a statement. “Multiple vehicles encountered dangerous driving conditions due to inclement weather. Members of the production crew who require medical attention have been taken to nearby hospitals.”

According to the management company, the 58-year-old best-selling country music artist was not on the bus and is safe.

The statement continued: “We are incredibly thankful to the emergency services teams for their quick response and ongoing support. We ask for patience as we look after our touring family.”

Since Shania Twain first kicked off her “Queen of Me” Tour earlier this year, she and her crew have traveled to multiple locations across the United States, Canada, and Europe. Her final performance before the tour bus crash was on Tuesday, October 31, at the Canada Life Center in Winnipeg, and she’s scheduled to perform again on Thursday evening at the SaskTel Centre in Saskatoon. It’s unclear how the crash and the resulting hospitalizations of her crew will affect Twain’s performance.

In 2022, Twain starred in the ABC celebration of the 30th anniversary of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, which featured both animation and live-action elements. Twain embodied the wise and lovable Mrs. Potts in the television special. Joining her were R&B singer H.E.R., who played Belle, actor and comedian Martin Short, who played Lumiere, David Alan Grier, who played Cogsworth, and others.
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The two-hour special included scenes from Disney’s original Beauty and the Beast, which was released at the box office in 1991, as well as brand-new performances.
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Shania Twain as Mrs. Potts in ABC’s “Beauty and the Beast” Special/Credit: Disney/ABC

ABC’s Beauty and the Beast: A 30th Anniversary Celebration was executive produced by Jon M. Chu (Crazy Rich Asians) and directed by Hamish Hamilton, Super Bowl halftime show director.
“I can’t believe I get to be a part of the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ legacy,” H.E.R. said. “The world will see a Black and Filipino Belle! I have always wanted to be a Disney princess, and I get to work with two wonderful directors, Hamish Hamilton and my favorite, Jon M. Chu. It is very surreal, and I couldn’t be more grateful.”
Our thoughts and prayers are with those injured in Wednesday’s accident.

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