DeSantis Sets His Sights on Disney World Workers’ Discounts and Passes

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It’s no secret that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is already tangled up in two different lawsuits with Walt Disney World.

However, recent news shows that the politician allegedly called off the dogs, saying he’s “moved on” from this feud with the Walt Disney Company. But has he?

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Governor Ron DeSantis Claims He and Florida Have “Moved On” From This Feud

In the same interview, Governor DeSantis urged Disney CEO Bob Iger and the Walt Disney Company as a whole to drop the lawsuit against the state of Florida.

Now, it seems neither party has backed down, and the Florida Governor is attempting to storm the gates of Magic Kingdom once again. But this time, Ron DeSantis is targeting Walt Disney World’s workers, according to new reports.

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But Has DeSantis Really Moved On? It Doesn’t Seem Likely…

On August 21, Ron DeSantis’s appointees on the board overseeing Walt Disney World’s governing district launched a new attack, attempting to strip certain employees of their discounts and free Disney World passes.

DeSantis’s board members on the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District claim that Cast Members’ and previous board members’ discounts on food, resort hotels, merchandise, and passes make up millions of dollars, creating a conflict of ethics.

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What Does It All Mean? Well, In a Nutshell…

In short, the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District is claiming that previous board members, from when the Walt Disney Company still had control over who was and wasn’t appointed, earned over $2 million in benefits and discounts.

The new board members issued a formal complaint to the state Inspector General, claiming that these benefits were nothing but “self-serving” to the Walt Disney Company.

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After all, the money previous board members were earning was likely going right back to Walt Disney World during visits, all at the district’s expense, according to the complaint’s claims.

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