DeSantis Claims Disney’s “WOKE” Agenda Is Causing Guests to Flee the Parks… Could he be Right?

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Last week, Walt Disney World Resort celebrated the Fourth of July with shockingly low crowd numbers. The holiday, which usually has a massive turnout, didn’t seem to garner the same attention from fans as expected. Immediately after seeing this data, the public began questioning the reason behind the attendance dip. 

In comes Florida Governor Ron DeSantis with his take on the situation.

In the past, DeSantis has taken aim at the Walt Disney Company, accusing them of promoting a “woke” agenda. DeSantis’s comments have sparked a heated debate over the role corporations play in shaping societal values. Now, DeSantis thinks that Disney’s ‘woke’ ideology is to blame for the low attendance last Fourth of July.

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Is Walt Disney World a Place for Patriots?

The Fourth of July is undoubtedly America’s most patriotic holiday, and according to DeSantis, it seems that Guests with these values have found other places to celebrate America’s birthday.

For the last couple of years, Ron DeSantis and the Walt Disney Company’s CEO, Bob Iger, have openly disagreed with each other’s political ideology. Iger has been promoting a message of diversity and inclusion, specifically towards to LGBTQ+ community and people of color. On the other hand, DeSantis has been pushing more traditional values in the state of Florida and explicitly blames Iger for pushing inappropriate discussions onto children. 

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Has Iger Driven Away Guests?

In a recent interview on the Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show, Ron DeSantis was questioned on if he “thinks Disney has gone “woke,” and Bob Iger is now playing the consequences?”

DeSantis agrees, stating;

“I think it is impacting parents who want to take their kids to Disney.”

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As the rest of the summer season unfolds, the public will definitely be watching Disney’s crowd levels more than ever before. However, there are certainly other factors that could be the reasoning behind Disney’s crowd decrease. Now that the Covid-19 pandemic is in the past, families aren’t as urgent to get back to vacationing as they have been the past two summers. This lull may just be Disney returning to a more normal state. Now that the fourth is over, we are seeing more typical crowd levels at the Parks.

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