Have the Disney Parks Lost Their Audience?! Fans Panic After NEW Graph is Revealed

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These are not the numbers the Walt Disney Company was hoping for.

Disney Parks are known worldwide for being among the best and most popular tourist destinations. Every year, millions of Guests travel to Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort to spend their vacation at the most magical and happiest places on earth. Disney vacations do not come cheap, so millions of fans making that sacrifice means that Disney is really doing something right. Last year, Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort proved that they had moved past their pandemic stump and were back to serving at total capacity.

Now, some new data is revealing that Disneyland Resort is performing significantly worse than last year. This data suggests that the Parks’ post-pandemic status has begun to run out of steam.

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Disneyland Park Suffering to Collect May Guests

For decades, Disneyland Resort has been the happiest place on earth for Disney fans around the world. With its spectacular attractions, amazing performers, and enchanting Disney characters, there’s no place quite like Disneyland. However, when comparing last year’s numbers to this year, it is clear that the Park’s attendance numbers have been declining.

Late May is not usually a super popular time to visit a Disney Park. Disney’s peak season is typically during school breaks when families have more time to vacation. However, when comparing the crowd levels of Disneyland last year to this year, it is clear that something bigger has shifted.

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Disney Fan Runs the Numbers

Disneyland fans and Reddit user u/CoasterGT24 used the website thrill-data.com to investigate crowd levels of Disney Guests in the theme Park. He discovered that wait times were down a staggering 14% from this time last year. While Disneyland could have just become more efficient, many believe that lower wait times likely mean fewer people in the Parks.

Disneyland Wait Times Down 14% from Last May
by u/CoasterGT24 in Disneyland

Hopefully, Disneyland Resort will begin to pick up steam as the busy summer season begins. Even though no one enjoys waiting in long lines, it is imperative for the Walt Disney Company that the Parks have a successful and lucrative summer. Only time will tell if this Disney Park can bring back their fans once more.

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