LOUD BANG Stops Ride at Disney; Guests EVACUATED and Forced to Walk to Safety

Disneyland Entrance
Credit: Disney

Quite the dramatic scene just played out at a Disney Park.

Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort are known for providing show-stopping entertainment and performances. What they are less known for is when the show literally stops.

When Guests are spending lots of money, time, and energy on a Disney vacation, they tend to expect a certain level of excellence provided to them. Guests have come to expect the “Disney experience” when they head into the Resorts, and anything less than perfect definitely can be a shock to their system.

sleeping beauty castle at disneyland with clouds and rainbow

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However, running a theme Park of that scale is an incredibly difficult task for Disney, and hiccups should be expected. Guests visiting this Park this memorial day weekend experienced more than just a hiccup when an iconic ride suffered a serious breakdown.

Guests Share Harrowing Ride Evacuation Story

Disneyland Park is truly the happiest place on earth for children and adults alike. Millions of people flock to the Park every year to meet their favorite Disney characters, go on thrilling rides, and experience the magic of Walt Disney’s creation. However, on Memorial Day weekend in 2023, some of the magic was disrupted when Guests were evacuated from Disneyland Railroad.

Walt with Disneyland Railroad

Credit: Disney

The Disneyland Railroad is a beloved attraction that takes Guests on a scenic tour of the Park. This Railroad has been a staple of the Park since it opened in 1955. It was personally designed by Walt Disney himself, and it was one of his favorite attractions. The railroad takes Guests on an 18-minute tour of the Park, passing through various areas like Main Street, U.S.A., Tomorrowland, Mickey’s Toontown, and New Orleans Square.

Malfunction on the Tracks

Guests who were riding on the train suffered a major malfunction just a few minutes after leaving New Orleans Square.

Railroad evacuation

Credit: u/Ornery_Confortable93 on Reddit

One Guest on the incident describes the situation, saying;

“Got evacuated off my first ride at Disneyland yesterday, and it happened to be the Disneyland Railroad. We got on at New Orleans Square, and a couple minutes into our commute, the train came to a halt over the walkway that leads from the Hungry Bear to Galaxy’s Edge. The conductor said the engine made a loud bang, so they stopped the train. I was in the first car and I didn’t hear the bang, and neither did anyone around us. But out of caution for safety, they sent an engineer over to us to check it out. 30 minutes later, they told us the engineer cleared us to move forward, but then the train wouldn’t actually start. So after 45 minutes of being stuck on the track, they started to evacuate us. We walked across unstable rocks along the tracks mainly, with some actual wooden flooring in places, to the Big Thunder Mountain Escape Path. Here are some pics that I snapped as I walked the evacuation route.”

Off the tracks: pics of being evacuated off the Disneyland Railroad
by u/Ornery_Comfortable93 in Disneyland

Fans in the comments expressed sympathy for the situation. It is always a bummer when things break down. Thankfully, everyone was okay, and as of now, the Trains are back up and running.

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