Critics Call Out “Woke” Disney for Proposal Fail

disneyland paris proposal fail
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The old Disneyland Paris proposal fail resurfaced again online, and critics who were seeing it for the first time had some interesting things to say.

The Walt Disney Company and the Disney Parks have seen their fair share of criticism over the last few years, particularly when it comes to the Mouse House being too woke. From complaints about Disney’s efforts towards diversity and inclusion to some more warranted frustrations with the company’s involvement in Florida politics with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, much has been said and done about Disney.

Disneyland-Paris-Sleeping-Beauty-Castle-lights-up-at-dusk (1)

Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Paris / Credit: Disney

Disneyland Paris Proposal Fail Resurfaces, Critics Slam Disney

One event that has caused a lot of criticism to be levied at Disney was the breakup of a proposal at a Disney Park a few years ago.

In 2022, a video made the rounds on social media of a cast member stopping a guest from proposing to his girlfriend, with the couple looking incredibly disgruntled and bemused during the interruption. The incident went viral on the internet, and many were shocked that such an event had happened, especially at a Disney theme park.

The incident made waves; Disney apologized for this happening, and the cast member in question was reportedly even fired.

“We regret how this was handled,” a Disney spokesperson told Newsweekacknowledging the situation. “We have apologized to the couple involved and offered to make it right.”

However, as more information came to light, some guests jumped to the now-former cast member’s defense, noting how the couple was in the wrong as they were in a restricted area and the man had reportedly been told that he wasn’t allowed to be there.

This said, the proposal breakup resurfaced online this week, and some critics, in light of much of the “woke” and “leftist” Disney criticism, slammed the Mouse House for letting this happen.

One fan commented, “Disney and the left are anti-marriage, pro- insufferable 2D strong woman. So it’s not shocking.”

Another wrote“If it was two men, the whole Disney crew would have been behind them celebrating with fireworks and shit.”

A third even took it one step further: “The groomers always ruin everything.” 

It’s clear that one subset of Disney fans and guests are clear where they stand on this subject!

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