Criminal Ringleader Captured in a CAGE at Walt Disney World

Disney jail
Credit: Disney / Canva Clipart

A former Walt Disney World Resort Cast Member has shared a truly harrowing story.

For the millions of fans who visit the Resort every year, Walt Disney World is a safe and magical place where Guests can unwind and forget about the stress of the real world. Members of the Disney community refer to this phenomenon as the “Disney Bubble,” meaning that once you are on Resort property, the rest of the struggles of the world seem nonexistent.

Unfortunately, there is a dark underbelly to the most Magical place on earth: a criminal ring of world-class thieves that roam the parks.

WDW arrest

Credit: Disney

A Devious Threat EXPOSED at Walt Disney World

You may not see them coming, but they are always there. Whether it be rummaging through a stroller or stealing food in plain sight, these criminals are responsible for thousands of stolen goods. Despite being only a couple of inches tall, these pesky pickpockets can wreak havoc in the Parks. 

That’s right; we’re talking about Disney’s most wanted criminals: the squirrels.

All over the four Parks at Walt Disney World Resort, squirrels roam and steal food right in front of Guests’ eyes. These aren’t just regular squirrels either; these highly trailed rodents are able to complete miraculous feats in order to steal food.

stormtroopers squirrel

Credit: Disney and Canva

Former Cast Member Recalls Incredible Story

TikTok user and former Guest Relations Cast Member @helenjp1313 took to the app to share one of the most wild squirrel stories ever. She explains that while working a shift at Animal Kingdom, she learned that the Squirrels had gotten so out of hand that Cast Members had to put out traps for them. One squirrel, in particular, was identified as a ringleader of the group. This ringleader was eventually captured in a cage. He was so powerful to the squirrel community that the other squirrels attempted to bust him out of the cage!


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If that doesn’t sound like the plot of a Disney comedy, I don’t know what does!

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