Shockingly Vile: Man Arrested After Abandoning Child and Spitting in the face of Disney Cast Member

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This story is truly unbelievable.

For millions of people, Disney Parks are a place of pure magic and delight. Unfortunately, all it takes is one horrendous Guest to ruin the magic for everybody else. The story of an arrest has come to light that has made many fans question how some Guests can behave so horribly in a place like Walt Disney World Resort.

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Child Abuse and Cast Member Harassment Reported at the Parks

Walt Disney World Resort is meant to be a wholesome place for families and Disney fans to enjoy a magical, one-of-a-kind experience. People love visiting Disney because it feels like they are in a “bubble” of positivity, safety, and kindness. Unfortunately, all it takes is one horrible person to pop that illusion for everyone. 

The details of an arrest at Disney Animal Kingdom are leaving fans feeling shocked and disturbed. The report, which was filed under the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, details a brutal situation that took place on May 7, 2023 at around 4:13 p.m. On this day, Deputy Gallon was called into Animal Kingdom to respond to an altercation between a Guest and a Cast Member. The Guest in question was Pablo Daniel Falabella.

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Abandoned Child Causes Massive Fight

According to the police, Falabella had left his child in a stroller in the Park’s Dinoland section. A Cast Member noticed that the child had been abandoned for a prolonged period of time, so they took it upon themself to move the child into a secure location until a parent was identified.

When Falabella saw this happen, he became irate and started screaming at the Cast Member and “hitting and kicking” his surroundings. Things escalated to the point that Falabella allegedly spit in the face of the Cast Member. Police were called after, and Falabella was arrested on the scene. According to Falabella’s statement, the child was abandoned due to a miscommunication between him and his wife while they were trying to ride-swap. The police report says;

“Apparently, there was some kind of miscommunication, and the younger daughter was left unattended for a time (possibly between 15 to 30 minutes) outside of Restaurantosaurus. Pablo stated he had no concerns about the child being there because he assumed there were cameras.”

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This situation is genuinely horrifying and, hopefully, won’t happen in the future.

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