Crank It Up: New Universal Islands of Adventure Soundtrack on YouTube

Crank It Up: New Universal Islands of Adventure Soundtrack on YouTube
Credit: Universal/ Canva

Back where I come from, we like our music loud! We also only listen to songs that resonate with us emotionally and universally (you’ll appreciate that pun in a moment). Although it is well-known that Disney World has made an art of appealing to our emotional sides through the use of visual stimuli, smell, and even sound, Universal is no stranger to giving us the warm and fuzzies either. That intense emotional connection is what keeps us coming back after all. 

Universal Islands of Adventure

Credit: Universal

A big part of the entire Theme Park experience is what we hear. I’ve always joked that 99% of sad movie scenes are only upsetting because of the musical accompaniment. In fact, science tends to agree, as research suggests that listeners experience dopamine dumps when music gives them chills and tingles. Big Theme Parks know this and use it to alter your brain chemistry. It’s not as bad as it sounds, we promise, but they use music to allow our brains to create fond memories of a place where we were at our happiest. The same can be said for typical songs you may hear on the radio that reminds you of your first date with that special someone in your life.

incredible hulk universal islands of adventure soundtrack

Credit: Universal

It’s an effective method. Although I’ve been visiting Walt Disney World for a long time, I specifically remember my first trip to Islands of Adventure at Universal Orlando due to one piece of music that still takes me back to my senior high school trip. The Jurassic Park overture, written by famed composer John Williams, always brings back memories of my first visit to Islands of Adventure. It’s just seared into my brain that way, and I’m at peace with it. I’ve also admittedly used music heard around Magic Kingdom to help relieve that post-Disney blues.

soundtrack universal orlando resort harry potter wizarding world hogwarts robes

Credit: Universal Resort

Luckily for those who use music to cope with not physically being in their favorite Theme Parks, Universal just launched its Islands of Adventure Soundtrack to Youtube. Highly demanded by fans of the Theme Park, Guests can now relive their near-death experience on Velocicoaster, mentally wander through the Ocean Trader Market while doing their homework, and recall the first time they turned into the Incredible Hulk from the safety of their car. The soundtrack includes 24 tracks that Guests to Islands of Adventure will recognize from different areas around the popular Orlando-based Park.

Track List – Universal Islands of Adventure Official Soundtrack

  1. “The Call to Adventure/ Main Theme”
  2. “Confisco’s Grill”
  3. “Ocean Trader Market”
  4. “Skipper Island Tours”
  5. “Welcome to Suess Landing”
  6. “The Cat in the Hat”
  7. “Circus McGurkus Cafe Stoo-Pendous”
  8. “Suess Landing Quartet”
  9. “The Lost City”
  10. “Sinbad Bizaar”
  11. “Merlin Woods Plaza”
  12. “The Flying Unicorn”
  13. “Jurassic Park Calypso”
  14. “Camp Jurassic”
  15. “Thunder Falls Terrace”
  16. “Toon Walk”
  17. “The Wacky World of Jay Ward”
  18. “Popeye’s Sweethaven”
  19. “The Funny Business”
  20. “Marvel Super Hero Island Main Theme
  21. “Doctor Doom”
  22. “Banner’s Science Park”
  23. “The Force of Storm”
  24. “The Adventure Lives On”

Observant fans may notice that there is no music related to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. As Islands of Adventure is home to Hogsmeade Village, featuring Hagrid Magical Creature Motorbike Adventure, and Hogwarts Castle, which houses Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, some may be disappointed in the soundtrack release. However, every other Island of the Park is covered, featuring sounds sure to whisk listeners back to when they met Thing 1 and Thing 2, or when they helped Spider-Man save the city from the Sinister Six. Listening to Theme Park soundtracks are a great way to enjoy memories of the past, but it’s also a fun way to plan and prepare for upcoming visits!

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