Fans Are Desperately Afraid That Universal Will Change This Beloved Attraction

jurassic park river adventure
Credit: Universal

As the Jurassic Park (1993) film celebrates its 30th anniversary, the Jurassic Park ride in Universal Orlando Resort begins showing its age.

jurassic park ending trex scene

Credit: Universal Studios

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Jurassic Park River Adventure first opened in 1996, three years after the premiere of the classic Steven Spielberg film. For twenty-seven years, the Jurassic Park ride has been delighting Guests, but it has also been accumulating wear and tear.

Guests experiencing Jurassic Park River Adventure can quickly notice that some effects don’t work anymore or are frequently missing from the attraction altogether.

Credit: Flickr, Inside the Magic

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As a result, many fans wonder if Universal Orlando Resort will update the attraction into a Jurassic World ride instead. As of right now, Universal Studios Hollywood is home to Jurassic World The Ride, and soon, Universal Studios Japan’s Jurassic Park attraction will be rethemed into a Jurassic World ride as well.

This will leave Jurassic Park River Adventure as the only Jurassic Park-themed attraction in the world, and according to an online thread, fans are hoping it stays that way.

jurassic park river adventure hadrosaur and trex

Credit: Universal Orlando Resort

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As it turns out, fans of this classic attraction want Universal Orlando Resort’s Jurassic Park River Adventure to receive heavy refurbishment, fixing the attraction up. However, the last thing many fans want is a retheme into Jurassic World.

Although “Life finds a way” and progress is inevitable, many fans prefer it if this attraction doesn’t move into the future. Instead, the nostalgic feelings associated with the Jurassic Park franchise are preferable when it comes to this classic attraction!

Jurassic World VelociCoaster

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Will Universal listen to fans’ opinions on this matter? Only time will tell. Stay tuned to Disney Dining as we keep readers updated on the situation!

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