Fans Are FURIOUS Over Viral “100 Greatest Disney Songs” List

Elsa singing "let it go"
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Over the years, Disney has been responsible for sharing magical moments with the world. Through its movies, TV shows, and theme Parks, Disney has created the soundtrack of every generation for the last 100 years. 

It is impossible to separate Disney from its music. In the Parks, music is incorporated into every ride and attraction as a way of further developing the Park’s theming. All of Disney’s movies and films include music as well, whether it be Broadway-style show tunes or melodic background scores.

The popularity of Disney music has drawn the attention of Billboard, who has gone ahead and created a list of “The 100 Greatest Disneyverse Songs of All Time.” Since being released, fans have taken it upon themselves to share their less-than-positive opinions on the ranking.

it's a small world

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The Top 10 Best Disney Songs, According to Billboard

Disney music has become a cultural phenomenon, with millions of fans around the world who are willing to vouch for their favorite hits. Most fans wouldn’t dare to rank them, but Billboard, however, felt up to the task. What resulted was a top 100 list that has fans furious. For reference, the top 10 best songs are ranked as follows:

  1. “Part of Your World,” The Little Mermaid
  2. “Let It Go,” Frozen
  3. “It’s a Small World (After All),” From the 1964 attraction.
  4. “Be Our Guest,” Beauty and the Beast
  5. “When You Wish Upon a Star,” Pinocchio
  6. “A Whole New World,” Aladdin
  7. “The Mickey Mouse March,” The Mickey Mouse Club
  8. “The Climb,” Hannah Montana: The Movie
  9. “A Spoonful of Sugar,” Mary Poppins
  10. “Breaking Free,” High School Musical. 

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Disney's the lion king

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Online Debates Sparked Over Controversial List

After this list was posted, the internet began freaking out. With songs like “Circle of Life” not even breaking the top 10, this list definitely has some controversial takes. Music and movie reviewers began sharing their thoughts on the TikTok app.


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To be fair, it is doubtful that any list of the top 100 best Disney songs could ever be made without major criticism. Loving Disney music is subjective; everyone has different styles that they like the most. It is important to remember that all Disney music opinions should be valid and accepted within the community.

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