Disney Chef Provides Food Relief In Midst of Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Chef Jose Andres
Images Credit: @chefjoseandres (left) / Jaleo Facebook (right)

If you’ve visited Disney Springs recently, chances are you have spotted the massive red and gold building located on the West Side of Disney Springs. This restaurant is one of the very BEST on Walt Disney World property… that’s right, we’re talking about JALEO. Now, the owner and chef, JosĂ© AndrĂ©s is stepping up to offer food relief in the midst of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Jaleo – Disney Springs (Credit: Disney Dining)

If you haven’t dined at JALEO by JosĂ© AndrĂ©s yet… go… dine there. Not only does the restaurant, the food, and the staff produce a paramount dining experience, but the man in charge of it all, Chef JosĂ© AndrĂ©s, is one that steps outside of his celebrity chef bubble and rushes in when support is needed.

JosĂ© AndrĂ©s is also known as a humanitarian as the Chef and Founder of World Central Kitchen (WCK), a not-for-profit non-governmental organization devoted to providing meals in the wake of natural disasters. Founded in 2010 by celebrity chef JosĂ© AndrĂ©s, the organization has been on the scene at locations such as in Haiti following its devastating earthquake as well as in New Orleans after Hurricane Ida caused massive devastation.

Chef Andres
Credit: Disney

If there is a need, Chef Andrés is known for sending the WCK team in for food relief. The Russian invasion of Ukraine is the most recent focus of efforts.

@chefjoseandres posted a video on Twitter with, “People of the World…Like you, I am distraught watching Ukraine under attack. We must come together as a force for good! @WCKitchen is on Poland border delivering meals tonight—Romania soon. In addition to your donations…I am committing support from the Bezos award to Ukraine.”

@WCKitchen has been tweeting updates regularly as conditions for the Ukraine families worsen. “WCK’s @SamBloch1
is on the ground at the Ukraine-Poland border, where thousands of refugees are crossing. Tonight we have meals here & at a train station where families are sleeping. We will scale up efforts quick to serve hundreds of thousands here & in Romania. #ChefsForUkraine”

Tweet updates continue with, “From our @WCKitchen team on the border of Ukraine and Poland: 1,700 hot meals of chicken, rice & veggies served here tonight! This is a 24-hour crossing and refugees from Ukraine are streaming through all night. This is just a start to WCK efforts on the ground! #ChefsForUkraine”

Another video update noted with, “UPDATE from the border of Ukraine 150,000+ people have fled—WCK’s @SamBloch1 is at an accommodation center where buses bring families after they cross into Poland. We’re still serving meals at the border while also expanding to serve in Moldova & Ukraine soon. #ChefsForUkraine”

@chefjoseandes shares his love for partnering food trucks, “Near Ukraine border…this is Sasha & Vitalii from @WCKitchen partner food truck Oh My Ramen! Both from Ukraine now living in Poland…We set up at this Accommodation Center where refugees are being bused in after crossing from Ukraine. We will be here every day! #ChefsForUkraine??

The updates continue, showing more food going out at the Ukraine border, “Scenes from the Ukraine border tonight: This is the busy Medyka pedestrian crossing & Korczowa accommodation center. As families crossed into Poland, the @WCKitchen team served up hot chicken stew, soup, tea & apple pie! THANK YOU for making this work possible ? #ChefsForUkraine”

The most recent tweet update notes, “First @WCKitchen meals in Odessa Ukraine! This is Chef Aleksander Yourz…his team at Yourz Space Bistro cooked 1,000 meals today for residents stuck in Odessa & Ukrainians defending the city! Only a start—WCK is supporting chefs in many cities to feed the hungry! #ChefsForUkraine”

A massive THANK YOU to World Central Kitchen (WCK) and Chef JosĂ© AndrĂ©s! Our thoughts are with all involved in this huge effort.

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