TikToker Publicly Apologized For Being Rude to a Cast Member, Then Got That Cast Member Fired

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We live in an age where social media is the way many people communicate nowadays. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok are massive platforms where people can share their love of things with people around the world. One of the fastest growing platforms is people sharing their love for all things Disney. Some people focus on Disneyland, some on Walt Disney World Resort, others on Disney Cruise Line, and some focus on all of it.

While we love seeing people share fun things about their Disney trips, as well as tips and tricks you can use while visiting, it is no secret that TikTokers, and those who want to be social media influencers, are making the jobs of Disney Cast Members incredibly difficult. People are constantly breaking rules in order to make a video and get attention.

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Now, one very prominent TikToker is going viral for all the wrong reasons, but it’s not because of what she did while in the Parks — although it started there.

You may or may not know about the TikToker, Theme Park Mom. She is constantly in the Parks, sharing the experiences that she has, and she has amassed quite the following. However, one of her recent videos has put her on the receiving end of a lot of Disney fans’ anger.

In one video, she tells the story of people who were rude to a Cast Member while she was in line to meet Donald Duck. Theme Park Mom tells Guests to be nice to Cast Members, as they are just doing their job.

Disney World Cast Members

Credit: Disney

Not long after that video was posted, a woman claiming to work at a Starbucks location in Disney called Theme Park Mom out for being rude. The Cast Member said that Theme Park Mom placed a coffee order during a very busy time. According to the Cast Member, the woman was very impatient and wanted her drink, while others who got their first were still waiting. The Cast Member called out Theme Park Mom’s rude behavior and said that she should practice what she preaches and be nice to Cast Members.

Starbucks Disney

Credit: Disney Dining

Theme Park Mom issued an apology video and seemed to be sorry for her behavior — the video has since been deleted. However, we are now learning that instead of being sorry for how she acted, Theme Park Mom apologized publicly but, behind the scenes, got the Cast Member who called her out fired.

The Cast Member deleted her original video, though some people were able to screenshot the comments where the Cast Member said that the woman had reported her and that the Cast Member was afraid she would lose her job. And that is exactly what happened.


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Theme Park Mom is now being called out by fellow influencers and Disney fans alike for her appalling actions. Things seemed to have gotten so bad for Theme Park Mom that she now no longer allows people to comment on her videos — although she still frequently posts.

If and when you visit a Disney Park, please remember that Cast Members work very hard to keep the magic alive and create great memories for Guests. Their number one priority is Guests and their safety. While Cast Members frequently have to deal with Guests’ problems, you can always brighten their day by being kind when you interact with them.

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