Disney Cast Member in Critical Condition After Suffering from Mid-Performance Injury

Disney on Ice
Credit: Disney on Ice

UPDATE: A viral video has now been released on social media. Please be advised the video update below may be upsetting to small children.

It is devastating to hear of any incident that happens during one of Disney’s esteemed entertainment performances. Unfortunately, that is precisely what happened to one performer during a Disney on Ice performance last weekend.

During a Disney on Ice performance at the renowned Target Center last Saturday, an unfortunate incident occurred that left one of the performers injured. The incident took place during a sequence performed by a skater portraying the beloved character, Belle. The severity of the fall prompted immediate medical attention, and she was promptly transported to a nearby hospital.

Disney is Officially Headed to Nebraska

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Tragedy on Ice

The incident was confirmed through an official press release, shedding light on the nature of the accident. It was revealed that the skater had sustained significant injuries due to the fall. The press release did not go into further details about the specific nature of the injuries, but it emphasized the prompt action taken to ensure her well-being.

Following the incident, officials from Hennepin County Medical Center provided an update on the skater’s condition. Regrettably, she was still in critical condition as of last Saturday afternoon. The gravity of her injuries allegedly required continuous monitoring and specialized medical care. The news of her critical state saddened the Disney on Ice community and supporters across the nation.

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Princess Anna and Kristoff walk through amazingly animated ice and snow in Disney's 'Frozen'

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UPDATE: Video Goes Viral

Since the incident occurred, the following video has been going viral on social media:

Please be advised this may be upsetting to small children.

Disney on Ice Supporters Send Their Love

The immediate concern of everyone involved, including fans and fellow performers, was to offer support and well-wishes for the injured skater. Messages of hope and encouragement flooded social media platforms, expressing solidarity and a deep desire for her swift recovery. This incident served as a sobering reminder of the physical demands and risks faced by the dedicated performers who bring the magic of Disney on Ice to life.

Disney on Ice shows are renowned for their awe-inspiring performances, enchanting audiences of all ages with the iconic characters and heartwarming stories that have become synonymous with the Disney brand. The talented skaters effortlessly transport viewers into a fantasy world where the beloved Disney characters come to life on the glistening ice rink.

The safety and well-being of the performers are of utmost importance for Disney on Ice. The company, along with the Target Center, works diligently to maintain a secure environment for all involved. Rigorous safety protocols are implemented to minimize risks and ensure that the audience can enjoy the show with peace of mind.

Belle with Guests at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall Storybook Dining

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Despite this unfortunate incident, Disney on Ice continues to captivate audiences around the world with its mesmerizing performances. The show embraces the spirit of adventure, bravery, and friendship that is synonymous with the Disney universe. Each performance is a testament to the dedication and talent of the skaters, who train relentlessly to master their craft and capture the essence of the cherished Disney characters.

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