“Cancelled” Disney Ride Character Makes Surprising Reappearance After Attraction Closes Down

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Well, this is certainly a surprise! Disney rides and attractions can undergo renovations and transformations at any given time. There are many reasons for these transformations, including mechanical problems, wear and tear, and modernization of the ride’s themes.

In recent years, a few attractions have faced full reimaginings to update the ride for modern audiences. Most famously, Splash Mountain closed its doors due to the racist origins of the ride’s source material film, Song of the South. In more recent times, another Magic Kingdom Park attraction closed its doors to reserve a much-needed revitalization.

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Beloved (And Controversial) Disney Attraction Closes

Located in Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom park in Walt Disney World, the Country Bear Jamboree is a classic and beloved attraction that has been entertaining visitors for decades. This musical revue features a host of animatronic bears, each with their own unique personalities and musical talents. As guests enter Grizzly Hall, they are transported to a charming rustic theater where the friendly bears come to life through a combination of music, animatronics, and storytelling.

In addition to its entertainment value, the Country Bear Jamboree holds a special place in Disney history as one of the opening day attractions at both Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom. Its enduring popularity speaks to its timeless appeal and the nostalgic charm it brings to guests. However, not all elements of this show have stood up to the test of time. In fact, many fans have grown tired of this attraction’s songs and slightly problematic innuendos.

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Despite Closure, Big Al Returns

One of the key highlights of the Country Bear Jamboree is the iconic character of Big Al, a lovable but somewhat clumsy bear known for his deep voice and endearing demeanor. The show also includes other memorable bear performers such as Henry, Liver Lips McGrowl, Wendell, and Teddi Barra, each adding their own flair to the lively musical numbers. While these characters are iconic in their own way, some songs, like Big Al’s “Blood in the Saddle,” have aged less than gracefully.

With the closing of the Country Bear Jamboree, fans also had to say goodbye to the beloved cast of bears until the attraction reopens this summer. However, yesterday, fans were given a taste of the ride’s magic when they were greeted with a special meet and greet or the iconic Big Al. This moment came as a surprise to many fans who figured these characters were shelved for the time being.

Look who was out and about today!
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Whether or not you appreciate this ride, it is always exciting to see original park characters roaming around outside Country Bear Hall. Soon, visitors to Walt Disney World Resort will be able to immerse themselves in the delightful world of the Country Bear Jamboree, where laughter and music blend harmoniously in a truly unique and entertaining show.

As fans sit back and enjoy the performances of Big Al and his furry friends in their all-new show, they might find themselves tapping their feet to the catchy tunes and being swept away by the whimsical charm of this timeless Disney attraction. Don’t miss the chance to experience the rustic charm and toe-tapping fun of the Country Bear Musical Jamboree when it returns this summer to Frontierland of Magic Kingdom Park.

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