Did Someone Buy ‘The View’ Just to Cancel It?! “Nothing But Trash”

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk is back in the news again because of a claim that he bought the controversial show The View just to cancel it.

Elon Musk has made his frustrations with the Walt Disney Company frequently known. The X owner and Tesla founder has been transparent with his views on companies he considers “woke,” and it’s no question that, to many (Mr. Musk included), Disney has fallen under that category.

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk / Credit: Daniel Oberhaus, Flickr

Did Elon Musk Buy The View to Cancel It? 

A recent social media post claimed that the Tesla CEO claimed that he might buy The View just to cancel the controversial show. But is it true?

The reality is that Elon Musk is certainly not above purchasing entire companies or shows just to cancel them (or, as in the case of X, fire a large percentage of employees)

This writer did some digging to figure out further how all this began. A deep dive later, we have the source: America’s Last Line of Defense, Patriot Party Press. This website is another satire site that aims to bring a little bit of parody-style humor to audiences’ day.

Of course, some didn’t realize this post was satirical in nature and shared it as if it were real news.

Other fans who are presently frustrated with the Walt Disney Company also took the opportunity to say that Mr. Musk should also buy the Mouse House because “they own [ABC and The View].”

The View

The View / Credit: ABC

Why is The View controversial? 

Over the years, this show has been at the center of multiple controversies, from show hosts saying gay people could identify each other through their smell to Whoopi Goldberg causing one scene after the other with what are “highly inappropriate questions” and appalling comments.

Meghan McCain Whoopi Goldberg The View

Meghan McCain and Whoopi Goldberg on The View / Credit: ABC

It’s certainly not the first time the rumor that The View was canceled has gone around, and unfortunately, is unlikely to be the last time. However, as Disney Fanatic reported, the show does quite well for ABC and Disney, and until such time as it keeps being profitable, Disney won’t be taking it off air.

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  1. It would benefit all if the “spew” was no longer on the air.

  2. It would be awesome if he did. It’s a horrible show with a bunch of miserable hosts

  3. It is one of the worst shows on the air. Wish the rumor was true!

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