Behind-the-Scenes Footage: Fan Captures Unique Perspective in Latest Disney Park Ride Breakdown

Indiana Jones Adventure Disneyland
Credit: Disney

After waiting in line for hours at a Disney Park, the worst thing that could happen for most fans is a ride breaking down. Unfortunately, we are seeing breakdowns happen more and more in the Parks, even on new or recently refurbished rides. When a ride stops in the middle, you are completely taken out of the immersive element of that experience.

However, some fans actually love ride breakdowns because they give an incredibly unique perspective. Many Disney fans like to see backstage at iconic attractions, and when the lights come on on a Dark ride, many hidden elements are revealed.

This is exactly what was seen on a fan-captured video of a breakdown on one of Disney’s most iconic rides.

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Fan Captures Behind-the-Scenes Look at Classic Disney Ride

The Indian Jones Adventure Ride at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, is one of the most popular attractions at the theme Park. However, in recent years, the ride has caused headaches for the Park’s management due to its frequent breakdowns. There are all sorts of theories behind why the ride always seems to be down or experiencing major issues. Some blame the ride’s age, while others suggest the problem might be with the ride’s design.

Indiana Jones Adventure Disneyland

Credit: Disney

Earlier this year, Indiana Jones Adventure was reopened after a thorough refurbishment. The Indiana Jones Adventure ride has been at Disneyland since March 4, 1995, and some tune-ups were badly needed. The ride was given a deep cleaning and was completely refurbished. Indiana Jones Adventure was reopened on March 26, 2023.

Unfortunately, even after refurbishment, the ride is still having some mechanical breakdowns. A Guest visiting the Disneyland Resort yesterday captured a video of the broken-down ride.

Broke down at Indy
by u/Netado17 in Disneyland

This video really shows the ride in a state that most Guests will never get to see. It just goes to show that even a ride breakdown can end up leading to a cool experience in the end.

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