#BoycottDisney Is Trending. Here’s Why

Boycott Disney

Unless you have been staying completely clear of news and social media for the past few weeks, then you know that The Walt Disney Company and the state of Florida have been in a heated battle. Florida recently passed the Parental Rights in Education bill, dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, and Disney has been outspoken in its opposition. Disney has even said that they will work with Florida politicians and lawyers to help ensure that the bill is repealed if and when it goes to the courts.

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Disney’s objection to the bill has not sat well with those who believe Disney should stay out of politics. There are also those who believe that Disney is moving far away from the wholesome, family-friendly entertainment the company is known for. They are also upset with Disney executives claiming that their content in the coming years will feature a lot more characters who are minorities and members of the LGBTQ+ community. Disney’s detractors have also accused Disney of being “woke” and believe it will be the downfall of the company — which led to the popular phrase “Go woke, go broke.”

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All of that anger at Disney has led to the hashtag #BoycottDisney to trend on Twitter.

The Daily Wire media company founder Ben Shapiro believes that it is Disney’s job to protect children and by opposing the bill, they are not doing so. Shapiro tweeted:

Your goal as a company should be to preserve the innocence of children, not fight against it on behalf of a small, radical group of employees who need the validation of having their choices validated by kindergarteners

Disney’s stock has been seeing a downward trend recently — which has happened in the past before big rebounds. However, some think that Disney’s drop has to do with them losing a large number of conservative people who used to support them.

Disney stockholders are not happy campers. Go woke go broke. #BoycottDisney

Twitter user @WonderWoman4USA tweeted that she believes certain things should not be taught to younger children, which is why she is boycotting.

Dear @Disney, Most adults in the U.S. believe kids age 8 & younger should NOT be taught sexual orientation in school. Those of us who once visited the Mouse House will do so no longer. Sincerely, The Ladies & Gentlemen of America #BoycottDisney #DontSayGay #JustSayNO

In response to Disney’s stance on the Parental Rights in Education bill, Ben Shapiro has also announced that The Daily Wire will be spending more than $100 million in creating conservative children’s content for those who feel as if they do not want to support Disney. Disney has remained steadfast in its commitment to its LGBTQ+ Cast Members and continues to say that it will fight the bill for as long as possible. Disney has also said that it will form a task force to fight these types of bills from passing in other states as well.

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