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Characters BREAK OUT of Walt Disney World for RARE Meet and Great!

hollywood studios entrance

Disney Hollywood Studios, located in the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, is a beloved theme Park that transports visitors into the enchanting world of Hollywood. With its captivating attractions, thrilling rides, and immersive experiences, Disney Hollywood Studios is a must-visit destination for any Disney enthusiast. Disney Hollywood Studios offers a unique blend of entertainment and nostalgia, allowing Guests to ...

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Disney Scraps $53 Million Dollar Movie Just Weeks After Its Premiere

Crater Disney

It is hard to believe that this is lucrative for the company… In a surprising turn of events, Disney has decided to remove Crater from its popular streaming service, Disney+. The film, directed by Kyle Patrick Alvarez and starring the talented McKenna Grace, was a Disney Sci-Fi original directed toward a teenage audience. Crater was expected to be a thrilling ...

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Magic Can’t Fix This: It’s Time to Address Disney’s Unsustainable Film Practices

The little mermaid disney+ movie disney company

In the fantastic universe of Disney films where magical worlds come to life, recent box office disappointments have sent shockwaves through the kingdom. This renowned entertainment empire has seen its fair share of triumphs and successes over its storied history. However, its recent encounters at the box office have proven to be more of a struggle, leaving many to question ...

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Disney’s Monorail WILL Return: Reopening Date Set After a Lengthly Closure

Disneyland monorail

Big news has arrived for Disney’s most iconic transportation option. When you picture the Disney Parks in your mind, images of incredible rides, magical foods and drinks, and once-in-a-lifetime character interactions probably come to mind. There are so many elements of Disney Parks that have become iconic symbols for Disney, including the Park castles, lands, stores, and attractions. One of ...

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Guest Experiences Mysterious Illness After Eating Food at Disney

Lamplight Lounge

Picture this: you’ve booked the Disney trip, made it to the parks safely, and are enjoying a fun-filled vacation full of rides, entertainment, and delicious Disney food. Everything is absolutely incredible until suddenly; you are hit with an extreme stomach illness.  Unfortunately, this is the reality for many Guests of Disney Parks. Every year Guests report being plagued by a ...

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