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Magical Mishap! Drone CRASHES Into Disney Park Rooftop

Disneyland Paris drone show

This was definitely not supposed to happen… For the past 100 years, Disney has been creating impactful stories and sharing once-in-a-lifetime experiences with fans all over the world. The magic of Disney started with films but now has extended to real life with their incredible theme Parks. The success of Disneyland Resort, the original Park in Anaheim, California, has led ...

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Anything but Magical: A Group Is SUING Disney For “Depriving Female Employees of More Than $150m in Wages”

The Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company is in hot water once again. Disney is known for providing magical wonders and iconic characters, but now the company is facing something much less magical. Currently, Disney is facing a class-action lawsuit over allegations of paying women less than their male counterparts. The lawsuit, which was presented in Los Angeles State Court on Friday, accuses ...

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‘Fury 325’ Roller Coaster Closed After Fan Notices Major Crack in Support Beam

carowinds Fury 325

A genuinely horrifying occurrence took place at Carowinds Theme Park, which has reignited the concern for safety on rides. Located on the border of North Carolina and South Carolina, Carowinds Amusement Park is known for its thrilling rides and exciting attractions. Among these is the world-renowned roller coaster Fury 325, which has become a must-visit destination for coaster enthusiasts from ...

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Iconic Disney Princess Gets Shocking Transformation

Disney Princesses

Things are getting shaken up at the Parks! For the millions of fans who visit Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort every year, meeting your favorite Disney characters in real life is an essential part of the vacation. Getting to meet your heroes in a place as immersive as Disney is something that genuinely cannot be replicated anywhere else. ...

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Vanished Into Thin Air: Walt Disney World Location CLOSES Overnight


Another Disney location has been closed down without warning. In recent months, we have seen numerous locations on Walt Disney World Resort properties close down without warning. Fans are constantly surprised by the constant rearranging of stores and restaurants on Disney property. One of the areas that has been particularly affected is Disney Springs. Disney Springs is part of the ...

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Surprising but True: You Can Bring Your Pet HORSE to Walt Disney World

horse wdw

This is truly one of the most adorable Disney Park policies of all time. Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort are beloved destinations for families and individuals of all ages. With their magical atmosphere and world-class attractions, these theme parks are known for providing unforgettable experiences. One of the best parts about Disney Parks is their commitment to providing ...

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Disney’s “Bloodbath” Continues: National Geographic Terminates Remaining Staff Writers

National Geographic

Only a couple of months after returning to his perch as the CEO of the Walt Disney Company, Bob Iger made an incredibly difficult decision. Due to Disney’s precarious financial status, Iger determined that the company would need to terminate approximately 7,000 positions in order to help it stay afloat and recoop a massive $5.5 billion in company cost savings. ...

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