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10 Tips and Secrets for Walt Disney World’s Dining Plan

10. Choose a plan that’s right for you and your family There are a couple of different dining plans available, and choosing the right one for your family is really going to determine how valuable the plan is for you. There is the quick service dining plan, which as the name suggests includes quick service meals rather than table service ...

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Top 10 Worst Walt Disney World First Timer Mistakes

10. Arriving late and leaving early One of the biggest mistakes that first timers make is that they don’t use their time at Walt Disney World efficiently. It’s very easy to sleep in and take your time getting breakfast, but getting to the parks for opening will let you get into lines quicker before they fill up. At the same ...

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10 Tips and Secrets for Disney’s Animal Kingdom

10. Get to the park early! Getting into Animal Kingdom right at park opening is the best way to get the most out of your visit to the park. Not only will you have short waits for the rides but you will also have the best chance to see animals! Most of the animals in the park are most active ...

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10 Best Walt Disney World Bars and Lounges

10. Splitsville While not exclusively just a bar or lounge, Splitsville, the luxury bowling alley located in Disney Springs, has been a favorite of mine since it opened. Nightly live music at the outdoor part of the bar and great drinks are a wonderful compliment to this bowling alley making it a great place to spend a night off from ...

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9 Stunning Facts About The Magic Kingdom In Walt Disney World

The Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World’s original park, was designed with lots of hidden details that go unnoticed by many guests today. This article delves into the lesser known details behind the Magic Kingdom. 9. Historical Accuracy of Liberty Square In Liberty Square, many of the things you see are original to the time period or made to look original ...

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10 Under Appreciated Walt Disney World Cast Members

What makes a Disney vacation stand out from other travel destinations? Why, the wonderful Disney cast members of course! With so many cast members working at the Walt Disney World Resort (about 70,000 at any given time) it’s no wonder that some of them go under-appreciated. The following list outlines my top ten picks for those under-appreciated cast members, who ...

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