8 Rookie Mistakes At Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

8. Missing Out on the Details

When you arrive on one of your first trips, it’s very easy to rush in and get excited, trying to do everything you can as soon as possible– and there’s nothing wrong with that. While you do this, try your best to slow down and check out all the scenery and atmosphere all over the Magic Kingdom. I used to be one of the biggest offenders for this, but I learned to stop and take in everything, and it’s actually much more enjoyable!. Things like The Trolley Show, The Dapper Dans, the shopping and Sorcerers Of The Magic Kingdom are all really cool to see and do, and they’re also very easy to miss if you’re only focused on ride hopping.

7. Don’t Overdo It (Especially with Kids!)

When rushing around, another bad move is overextending yourself and/or your kids. I’ve seen many exasperated guests with worn out kids or exhausted parents from going at full speed from rope drop. While it is good to get everything you want to do and see done, it is still definitely worth it to take a break or two to rest and recharge your batteries!

6. Sleeping Late or Leaving Early

It makes a lot of sense when you’re on vacation that you want to sleep in or go to bed early simply because you’re coming from working long hours or going to school right before your trip. Despite this, getting up early and staying out later is the smarter thing to do, in my opinion, as the park will be less crowded (and by extension, lines will be shorter!) In terms of taking a break, I recommend doing so in the middle of the day at your resort so you can rest until you go back to the parks later. Heck, for the fact that tickets are so expensive do you really want to spend precious time that you could be in the parks in bed sleeping late?

5. Take Care of Yourself!

When going to the Magic Kingdom it’s very easy to forget to be aware of your surroundings.  Be sure to have a plan in case anyone gets separated, especially children (if kids get lost make a note that if a cast member finds them they will take them to baby care if they are under twelve years old, if they are over twelve they will take them to guest relations) and make sure to drink plenty of water! Florida is really hot anytime of the year, and it’s very easy to forget about it when you’re out and about in Walt Disney World

4. Choosing Parades or Shows for FastPass

It seems like a good idea, right? Pick a FastPass to view one of your favorite parades or shows or even fireworks, but you’re better off using them for rides. When you pick a FastPass for a show or parade, they will have you watch from specific areas of the park (like the grassy plazas for Happily Ever After) and while these are great views, there are still great views from all over Magic Kingdom without using a FastPass.

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3. Paying for Water

As I said before, drink plenty of water. but don’t let the expensive bottles of water fool you. You can get free ice water from any quick service restaurant. And don’t worry about the infamous Florida water taste if you’re not a fan, Walt Disney World’s water is filtered already!

2. Trying to Leave Immediately after Happily Ever After

This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Almost everyone tries to leave in the hour immediately following the fireworks show and it causes a backup like a traffic jam during rush hour on a Friday. Especially in the parking lot. On busy days, the line for the monorail will stretch all the way back into the park! If you do want to leave, your best bet is to wait an hour or so before making your way to the monorail or ferry (or, watch Happily Ever After from the Polynesian or Grand Floridian!) Strolling through the park with sleepy kids is one thing. Sitting in the parking lot in the car is another.

1. Not Doing Research or Making a Plan

The one thing all of these tips have in common is planning. You used to be able to go to Magic Kingdom or any Disney park without any sort of itinerary and be able to still be able to do everything you want. Today, with larger crowds and more attractions than ever before, you need to plan your trips accordingly. FastPasses, showtimes, and schedules for refurbishments are all available online through Disney’s own website, and there are plenty of websites available (like this one!)  that will give you the information needed to have the best vacation ever.

About Chaz Saldi

Charles Saldi is a Disney College Program alumnus, who worked on Main Street USA in Custodial during the spring 2015 program. He is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Arts degree in History while residing in the New England area. In addition to being a lover of all things Disney, he is also the Social Media Manager for BrittanyEarnsHerEars.com, a blog devoted to documenting personal experiences about the college program by author Brittany DiCologero, and other program alumni.