As It Turns Out, This Terrifying Disney World Ride Is Actually Scarier With the Lights ON!

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When it comes to Walt Disney World, only a few attractions are dedicated to thrills, chills, and screams.

While Magic Kingdom’s Haunted Mansion may be an eerie attraction that’s sure to fright certain audiences, it’s not exactly thrilling. Attractions like Hollywood Studios’ Tower of Terror or Animal Kingdom’s Expedition Everest are genuinely thrilling, primarily due to the physical aspect of the ride.

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So, it comes as a surprise to many Guests to hear that one of the most frightening attractions in Walt Disney World is neither a roller coaster nor a crazy elevator contraption, but a dark ride in Animal Kingdom. We’re talking, of course, about DINOSAUR.

DINOSAUR is one of DinoLand U.S.A.’s signature attractions. Although the entire theme park area is doomed for extinction sooner rather than later, DINOSAUR remains open to Guests.

DINOSAUR at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Credit: Disney

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The attraction consists of boarding onto a rugged Time Rover and heading back in time, trying to collect an iguanodon before the infamous meteor that caused the extinction of most of planet Earth’s life makes contact.

As if that wasn’t scary enough, the ride is also full of frightening dinosaurs, thrilling twists, and turns. Not only that, but the attraction is almost entirely in the dark!

As it turns out, though, this ride may be even scarier once the lights are turned on…

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Animal Kingdom’s DINOSAUR attraction recently experienced technical difficulties, causing Guests to have to evacuate.

One Guest snapped some pictures on their way out, showing just how uncomfortable the Carnotaurus animatronics are to look at in bright lighting! It’s almost scarier than in the dark, which is saying something.

Credit: Disney

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At the time of this article’s publication, DINOSAUR is up and running again.

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