Walt Disney World Resort Files for Bankruptcy; All Parks Will Close Immediately

Disney Bankrupt
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This shocking news will devastate the millions of fans who visit Walt Disney World Resort every single year. 

Walt Disney World Resort is known throughout the world as the pinnacle of theme park entertainment. Since opening over 50 years ago, the resort has become the dream destination for millions of Disney fans seeking the magic and entertainment found in Disney movies. Now, as a shocking end to an enduring legacy, Walt Disney World Resort will close all theme parks and resort hotels immediately as the resort files for bankruptcy.

The reason for such closures can be tied back to the severe loss of revenue earned from one major point of sale: water bottles.

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How Water Resulted in WDW’s Early Demise

Back in the good old days, Disney was able to count on millions of dollars in revenue from their plastic water bottle sales. Each plastic water bottle typically costs fans between $3 and $4, and thanks to the hot Florida sun, families often have to buy dozens of these water bottles a day. In fact, so many water bottles were sold that Disney was able to rely on this product alone to pay the wages of every single cast member working on Walt Disney World Resort property.

The system was genius, efficient, and enjoyable for all involved. However, earlier this year, one woman with a vengeance for all things Disney found a loophole that would go on to destroy everything that Disney had built.

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In a now-deleted post to Twitter, user @DisneyTips412024 posted these fateful words;

“Hey, did anyone else know that you can get free water cups from any Disney quick service restaurant? What a great tip to save money!”

At this moment, everything changed. With guests now selfishly refusing to pay hundreds of dollars on water bottles per vacation, Disney was forced to pay their cast members out of their own pockets. This cruel and unusual punishment on Disney resulted in a cataclysmic shutdown of the House of Mouse entirely.

Saying Goodbye to Disney as We Know It

As Disney’s doors close forever, fans are left to think about all of the good memories Disney has provided over the years. Whether it was buying $4 water at a Disney quick service location, drinking water while waiting in line, or throwing away your plastic water bottle before you go get another one, there was so much for fans to do and enjoy at Walt Disney World Resort.

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While we all look back on Disney’s everlasting legacy, it is more important than ever that we remember the importance of supporting businesses and buying water bottles.

Oh, and also APRIL FOOLS DAY!

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