Anything but Magical: A Group Is SUING Disney For “Depriving Female Employees of More Than $150m in Wages”

The Walt Disney Company
The Walt Disney Company / Credit: The Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company is in hot water once again.

Disney is known for providing magical wonders and iconic characters, but now the company is facing something much less magical. Currently, Disney is facing a class-action lawsuit over allegations of paying women less than their male counterparts. The lawsuit, which was presented in Los Angeles State Court on Friday, accuses Disney of violating California’s Equal Pay Act.

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Group of Female Disney Employees Seek Justice

The discussion of the gender pay gap has been making headlines for many years, but this new development is unlike anything Disney has ever seen.

A group of women has gathered evidence that the Walt Disney Company has been paying female employees 2% less on average than their male counterparts. This data was collected from employees working at Disney theme parks, Walt Disney Studios, Disney+, ABC, Lucasfilm, Searchlight Pictures, and other Disney entities. This lawsuit is specifically addressing non-union employees working in positions below a vice president level.

The Walt Disney Company

Credit: Disney

The Reality of Disney’s Decision

Upon hearing this news, many Disney fans felt shocked and betrayed by the company. The lawsuit claims that Disney owes $151.6 million dollars for the gapped wages. This lawsuit was first created back in 2019 when  LaRonda Rasmussen decided to take action against her employer. Rasmussen alleged that six male employees in the same position as her were making $16,000 to $40,000 more. The suit says they were fighting the “egregious gender pay gap that appears to be engrained in Disney’s culture.”

If the plaintiffs are successful, the lawsuit could have wide-reaching ramifications not only for Disney employees but for other women workers across the country as well. This case serves as a reminder that equal pay for equal work is not merely a suggestion but a fundamental right that should be enjoyed by every employee.

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Now, this new lawsuit is finally seeing its time in the spotlight. Lori Andurs, an attorney for this group of women, is well-versed in fighting gendered wage gaps. She believes that these women will be victorious in this lawsuit. This entire situation is very upsetting to hear. Now, the Disney community will have to wait to see what will come of this lawsuit against the Walt Disney Company.

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